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What it Takes to Stay in Shape When Life Gets Crazy

For the past few weeks my whole world and routine has been flipped and juggled around. I’ve spent my time travelling, packing, and unpacking again. Every day has been super busy, something different, and filled with adventure.

I used to be the kind of person who would take this time to give up my habits and completely just let go of taking care of myself fully. In the past this has led to feelings of disappointment in myself, feeling myself become sluggish, and my wheels constantly spinning at all hours of the day on how I was going to get out of the rut.

When I finally got to the point of forcing myself to eat better and forcing myself to workout again it would take me quite sometime to feel like me again.

Now that I realize the importance of taking care of yourself always, no excuses, I will take the time to pre plan ways I can make sure to keep my health my number one priority.

Health for me means moving my body, eating a well balanced diet, and taking time to meditate. So I made plans to get these things into my day with ease.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to eat healthy all the time. Cooking healthy food and preparing snacks takes extra time and planning. Figuring out your workouts and carving out time in the day can feel like a daunting task. It’s also hard sometimes to get the workout in or get moving when you’ve been sedentary for too long.

But in the long run it really makes your life easier to plan and keeping up with your exercise can help you feel your best. Trust me, it’s worth the persistence, dedication, and work that it takes.

I know all this planning seems like a lot of work but it’s important to really think of what your trying to accomplish, what kind of lifestyle you want for yourself, and how you can stay healthy and be the best version of yourself no matter what life throws at you.

I feel like I’m rolling into this new province and this new chapter with a lot to give to other people including good energy and really positive perspective on life. This is only through taking care of myself first that I am able to provide this.

For those of you interested in reviewing my planning process for this move I have copied it below. It has ideas for snacks and meals on the go. Also great strategies for bulk grocery shopping.



My game plan for two weeks of limbo

Week 1


For three days of travel we decided to do breakfasts at Tim Hortons but besides that I had prepared three days worth of road snacks: (primarily to avoid fast food but also saves money)

8 small deli meat wraps

Beet Good thin Crackers (Portioned the box into three separate baggies, 1 for each day)

Babybel Cheese

Portioned Dark Chocolate (1/3 of the bar each day)

One Protein Bars

Four large Homemade Protein Rice Krispie Treats

Protein Powder for shakes

Three baggies of raw veggies (1 for each day)

Mandarin Oranges

Once we made it to our destination (day three) I hit the grocery store right away. I picked up one week worth of food which included plenty of protein sources and produce. I planned my breakfasts to be something I could have everyday (that I enjoyed) and came up with the rest on the fly with what I had.

The next day I made sure to cut up and prep all the veggies so they would be ready for anything I decided to cook. Also did a lot of snacking on raw veggies and dip.

Some example easy meals I cooked up in our cabin were:

-Stirfrys with rice

-Grilled chicken salad

-Grilled ham and cheese with veggies and dip on the side

-Ground turkey with rice and steamed veggies


I planned to meditate first thing in the morning after letting the dogs out to pee while Blair was still sleeping. This worked out great for me and decided to continue this morning routine throughout the chaos.


Prior to the big move I made a six week workout program for myself consisting of minimal equipment. The program required my yoga mat, my 25lb kettlebell, my long band, and my glute band.

Having your workouts ready is a great way to take the anxiety of working out away. You have a set plan right in front of you and you stick to that. There are wonderful apps out there now that will do the same if you struggle with workouts.

I knew getting the workout in would be hard when travelling so I gave myself a good solid five days off initially and stuck to just walking the dogs rather than working out. I also did a good stretch every morning after my meditations prior to travelling.

As soon as we got settled into our destination I planned out where, how, and when I was going to start working out. I started on a day where we finally had a lull from all the driving.

Week 2:


Week 2 now had me travelling away for work for days at a time to a small town with no take out, drive thrus, or restaurants. I literally HAD to bring my own food or I would have been SOL. Planning this was easier than I thought but I made it a little more complicated just for the mere fact I wanted to eat certain things (sweet potato wedges).

I prepped for my three days away at work and here is what I brought:

-jug of protein powder



-prepped turkey bacon

-prepped sweet potato

-1 sandwich

-1 prepped breakfast sandwich

-2 portions of broccoli slaw marinated in dressing

-soup at hand



-bags of raw veggies to munch on

The food I picked up while at the cabin luckily lasted us well into week 2 of limbo and my road meals. Once we ate up the last bit of veg I was off for a second grocery run. Now that we were settled into one destination for the month I stocked up for a good 2-3 weeks worth of food.

I focused on cheap/on sale fresh proteins to eat within days then picked protein I could portion and freeze. I also bought all the produce. Planned what I could eat within the week then also what I could freeze for later use.


Still stuck to my morning coffee and meditate.


Because my workouts were all planned for a while the only planning I had to do was decide what days worked best with my schedule and make sure I had my equipment with me. For the three days I was away I had to bring my gear with me to my hotel room. You just have to do what you have to do sometimes to stay consistent.


I’ve made it through my two weeks of uncertainty and adventure and I feel great physically and mentally. I will give 100% credit to the planning and prep that I had done. Also reminding myself often of “my why” in order to continue sticking to my plans to stay healthy.

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