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Weight Fluctuations and Self Esteem

I announced a couple weeks ago that I started a reverse diet and that it’s the first time I have ever felt mentally able to reverse diet.

A reverse diet is a strategic way of eating where you increase your calories conservatively over an extended period of time for a multitude of reasons. The reasons I had to start a reverse diet were:

1) Increase energy as the calories I was using for maintenance was leaving me with a lack of energy and feeling hungry.

2) I wanted to fix my libido (can lose libido from being too lean).

3) To get rid of food shame as I would often feel guilt from eating slightly over maintenance, even when I felt hungry.

Reverse dieting helps you revamp or enhance your metabolism so that you don’t gain a bunch of unwanted weight (but can cause you to gain some) by increasing caloric intake which is why it must be strategic and conservative.

*To learn more I suggest purchasing The Complete Guide to Reverse Dieting by Layne Norton and Holly Baxter*

I want to open up and be honest about the last couple days because I almost quit my reverse for psychological reasons. I had a day where I was super bloated and my mindset went back to a place that I had worked so hard to come out of.

Before I really started to educate myself on nutrition and the physiology of the body when we eat I used to judge myself solely on what I seen in the mirror from day to day. This meant if there was a day I was bloated I automatically assumed I gained weight. I would self shame then try to immediately fix the problem.

So when my mind went back to this place a couple days ago I took a step back, looked back at all of what I have learned about weight fluctuations and traced back to what had caused the bloat.

The day before I looked at my tracker and counted how many grams of fibre I took in and it was over 40g. The target number for grams of fibre for a female my age is 25g. So I had almost doubled my fibre intake that day which caused a severe bloat that lasted almost two days.

So what I did to come back to the place that I worked hard to get to mentally was:

I educated myself.

I practiced self affirmations and reminded myself of all the hard work I do and why my body is beautiful no matter what.

I got my mental state back on track before I made any rash decisions.

Because of focusing on the mental stuff I decided I am going to continue with my reverse for the sole reason that where my thinking went is the same thinking that happens to so many people when they don’t see immediate results and it always leads to failure.

It’s the kind of thinking that causes people to quit. To quit their diet, quit their reverse, quit eating healthy, whatever it may be. They don’t delay gratification instead look for short term rewards or results.

I can’t stress enough of the part patience plays in goal setting. You have to trust the system and trust that what you’re doing is going to work if you just carry on and stay consistent.

If you just keep on track and keep working hard and stay resilient when you slip up you will see results and you will grow into the person you’ve always wanted to become. You will see success and your life will change for the better.

Things that can cause potential short term weight fluctuations:

-fibre intake

-excessive water intake

-sodium intake

-high carbohydrate intake

-menstrual cycle

So please please please don’t give up on your goals because you aren’t seeing instant results. These things don’t happen over night and take pure consistency and time. Love yourself and be kind to yourself every step of the way.



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