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Week 5 – Resilience

Welcome to week 5 of my train with me blog series. Hope you’re enjoying the content so far and feeling inspired to crush your own training goals!

Intensity: This week started off rough. I took day 1 off to catch up on sleep and proceeded to have digestion issues the following two days. I don’t let excuses hold me back from staying consistent with my training so I am proud to have completed my workouts as planned for. That being said I got them done and that was it, intensity wasn’t there, soreness wasn’t there the days following. Luckily I picked it up the second half of the week and had a couple great workouts. Overall intensity was a whopping 3/10 for the week in general.

I am finding as my workouts are progressing with the intention of training muscular endurance that my resistance training is feeling more like cardio than it use to. I rarely use to get my heart rate up and my sweat on while lifting but this is starting to change. This is natural as my goals have shifted. Here is a complex way of explaining the difference between muscle growth (hypertrophy).

  1. Myofibrillar hypertrophy- focuses on increased myofibril size or the density of the cell. This type of training increases muscle mass and strength and happens with 2-6 reps at RPE 8-9.
  2. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy- focuses on increased muscle glycogen storage and the volume of the cell. When training this, the volume of fluid in the muscle cell increases with little increase in muscular strength causing cells to swell/pump. This happens with 12-15 reps with RPE 6-7.

The best way to achieve any goal that you may have whether that be to be able to do pushups, to run 5 miles, to squat your body weight, to lose a certain percentage of weight etc, it is best to consult someone who has the scientific knowledge to create a plan for you. If this isn’t an option then do your own research, but don’t just do something that someone else is doing that is working for THEM. It is best to set intentional goals with a sound intentional plan to achieve success for YOU.

Motivation: Due to the rough start this week it obviously made it challenging to really motivate myself to train. But what I reminded myself when I didn’t feel like training was again that something is better than nothing. If I just committed to first getting my workout gear on, it would lead to warming up. If I started warming up I would naturally start the workout nice and easy. Even if I just did my warm up I would have been proud that I started but in the back of my head I knew I would do more. This has been two rough weeks in a row, let me tell you, I am ready to kill it in week six.

Lessons: We are always going to hit road blocks with training. The important thing is how we come back from the road blocks. Over time I’ve found with myself although things set me back, I’ve become more and more resilient in bouncing back. Here are some strategies I’ve learned to practice:

  1. Re-evaluate the goal – what is it that you set out to achieve? Remind yourself of that goal and keep it in the back of your mind when you train.
  2. Reestablish your why – What is your why? Why do you train? Why do you choose to live a healthy lifestyle? Who are you doing it for? Why is it important to you? Re-establish your why.
  3. Remember where you’ve come from. Think back to where you used to be and see all you have accomplished so far. With all you have accomplished in the past just think of how much more or further you can push yourself to grow.
  4. Think with a growth mindset. There is no going back, there is no staying where you are at. You must move forward, you must choose to better yourself everyday, it’s a journey!

So with all that is gone on over the last two weeks, I am fired up. Week five I did increase overall volume of my workouts but I am just not satisfied with how it has felt. Week six will be the last week of this macrocycle so I want to finish big. One of the strategies I use in training is changing up my exercises every six weeks so while working on a new program this week I want to get the most out of this initial program which I not only have enjoyed, but have felt some amazing growth with as well.

How do you bounce back from set backs? What fires you up and gets you motivated? How do you reset and refocus on the goal? What can you do starting today to help achieve your future goals?



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