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Week 4 – Plan for Chaos

This week has been different. My work schedule has changed a bit, Blair and I have been super adventurous in the snow causing my activity levels to be up in the beginning of the week. Then activity levels took a plummet as the highways got real shitty and I’ve been forced to stay in a hotel for 2 days. I’ll talk about how I adjusted to all this.

Intensity: This week workouts are the same as last week but due to the added activity earlier in the week, I have been pushing and finding my workouts harder while doing them. Surprisingly though, I have been less sore about a 4/10 this week. Couple reasons why this may be. 

1- My muscles are adapting to the workouts. Muscles become familiar with certain movements (muscle memory) and this is why progressive overload is so important. It is also important to switch up your workouts from time to time, introducing new exercises to target different areas of the muscle. I prefer to switch my workouts up every 6 weeks with an increase in overall intensity (reps, weights, tempo etc) every 2 weeks.

2- Ive been stretching gooooood. After every exercise whether it be a run, hike, or workout I’ve been stretching! Stretching brings the blood flow back to those muscles which were deprived of the oxygen during exercise. This can help with lactic acid build up causing those sore muscles.

Having noted all this extra activity at the beginning of the week I made sure to plan for some adequate rest for my body and will talk more about my strategic planning for this chaotic week.

Motivation: The previous three weeks I didn’t lack any motivation and was excited to work out. This week I hit a motivation roadblock – hotel room. When I have to stay in a hotel after my night shifts the last thing I want to do is workout… I just want to sleep, eat, watch TV repeat, especially when it’s a full moon and my shift is off the freakin rails lol. I allowed myself a really good rest-day on day one of my stay in the hotel but I knew I would benefit from moving my body during day two of my stay. Benefits of movement are both mental and physical and I’m more than aware of this. This lack of motivation with a roadblock is the big lesson this week.

Getting my workout in the hotel

Lessons: Life happens, weather happens, appointments pop up, things unexpectedly change ALL the time. If you always threw your fitness goals or workout program to the side anytime anything changed, you will never achieve consistency which is the name of the game in a healthy lifestyle.

So you’re going to have to push yourself sometimes. Just remember something is better than nothing at all. Five minutes even, is better than nothing! You might have a shitty workout but you did it, that’s self integrity, keeping promises to yourself or keeping yourself accountable. Sometimes it will take every ounce of energy to get your ass off the couch but sometimes these moments turn into the best workouts and an amazing energy shift, it happens to me, not every time, but occasionally. Regardless if the workout was amazing or not so much, I’m ALWAYS proud I did it. Bottom line is you will NEVER regret a workout, only the ones you failed to do.

I talk a lot about planning and I think this is also a really important concept. When I sat down last weekend to plan my week I knew I signed up for four nights in a row rather than two. I always have it in the back of my head the possibility of the roads being shitty and me having to stay. So I’m glad I took the time to plan for all this. This is how I organized my week:

  1. Recognized my schedule for the week
  2. Pencilled in my workouts and cardio on my days off
  3. Pencilled in the workouts I’ll have to do on work days and when I could get them done 
  4. Pulled out my body weight workout to have on hand in case I had to get er done in the hotel
  5. Meal prepped healthy food and snacks to bring to work

Overall planning really helps with consistency and will get you that much closer to achieving your goals and living a healthy life. But like I said before life happens, and shit happens. So when plans don’t work out, find a way to stay consistent. It may even help to identify possible roadblocks or barriers to achieving the success you desire and prepare for chaos in advance.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

What are my motivation roadblocks? 

What things in the past have come up and stopped me from getting my workout in? 

If said roadblock or barrier pops up what is plan B?

Who can I reach out to as an accountability partner?

In closing please remember when you put yourself and your health first and you’ll have so much more to give back:)

Have a great week everyone!


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