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Week 2 – Overcoming Injury

I’ve been itching to write this blog for a few days now! This is telling me that I am finding more of what I love to do and evolving this side hustle. Something I’ve learned about choosing a career, a side hustle, a new project, a new challenge, is that you gotta love the process MORE than you think you’re going to love the end result. Anyways…

Motivation: This week again I am feeling highly motivated. I am still in the beginning of this journey and like I said last week motivation in the beginning is easy and exciting because its fresh and new! (for me anyway)

Intensity: This week oddly enough with the workouts being the same as week 1, I felt them a bit more challenging. Maybe I pushed a bit harder this week to get those muscles firing, my overall muscle soreness for this week would be about a 5/10.

Lessons: Last week I talked about how it’s important not to push yourself right off the bat as this can result in an injury. Well it just so happens I almost suffered an injury this week! About 12 hours after one of my upper body workouts I couldn’t lift my right shoulder over my head it was SO sore. I thought I pulled something but turns out it was just extremely sore. So what did I learn from this?

First off as SOON as I started to feel this soreness come on I braced my arm in a comfortable position and limited use of that arm (this made ADLs (activities of daily living) a little challenging for a few days. Things such as shampooing my hair and putting dishes away was a little challenging but it’s not necessarily a bad thing to challenge your weak side every now and then. Along with rest, I iced it right away and rubbed some CBD muscle rub cream on it. I continued with the CBD and rest for a couple days and I am now fully recovered.

What I learned was to listen to my body. This is something I stress often. Aches and pains in the body are SIGNALS telling you something or a combination of things including:

  1. I am not okay with this motion
  2. I lack mobility to be able to perform this exercise
  3. That particular muscle is weak
  4. That particular muscle is tight
  5. I need to rest (how many of you have had an overuse injury?)

It’s also important to decipher muscle soreness and actual pain. The Best thing you can do if a soreness or pain pops up is to STOP and REST. Ice is a great tool as well. Once you’ve given that pain some time to settle then you’ll be able to decide the severity and adapt your exercises to either avoid the motion that caused the pain OR work on strengthening your weaknesses (working with a trainer is hugely beneficial).

The plan I had in place for my workouts this week were to avoid having to workout on the days I had to work night shift because I am often way too tired and do a TON of sleeping on these days. Here are some things to consider when planning your workouts for the week:

  1. Your work schedule
  2. Your habits and behaviours
  3. When you enjoy workout the most (morning vs.evening)
  4. Life and social events
  5. What has worked well in the past
  6. Giving the muscles worked 48 hours to recover (can workout other muscles the following day, this is why splitting lower and upper body workouts can allow for more training days in the week)

Why the heck ain’t I running my heart out?

Embracing them home workouts

Another thing I wanted to talk about in my blog today is the fact that I’m only doing TWO cardio days per week while training for a triathlon. Many of you probably think that if you’re doing a triathlon should you not be running, biking, and swimming all the time?

When your training for anything whether it be a marathon, a fitness competition, a CrossFit meet, or just training to meet a long time fitness goal of yours, you have to realize the impact of training on the body.

For the past three years I’ve been training my physique and body building for the sole purpose of building muscle. The techniques that I need to use to switch to an endurance and cardio heavy goal are going to be WAY different. When building muscle you want to focus on strength and power and heavy weights and lots of protein and carbs to refuel the muscles. For a triathlon after doing my research of course I need to work more on my muscular endurance (although I have learned that you do need an element of strength and power as well).

So before I start running 5 miles a day and going for long bike rides I need to get my muscle and joints ready for this feat. What I have planned for my training is to really focus on my muscle endurance for a good three to four months and introducing more and more cardio as the weeks role by and my muscles are ready for it. I am fortunate enough to have a good running and cardio background so I am not overly worried about getting this back quickly but am more concerned about over doing it when maybe my knees or ankles aren’t ready yet.

“Muscle pays for the party” – Jen Widerstrom

With every fitness goal there should always be a resistance training plan in place. Resistance training is how we build and maintain our muscle. Here are three really good reasons why having muscle is important:

  1. Muscle improves metabolism
  2. Muscle helps with weight control more specifically controls the amount of visceral fat we have (fat that surrounds our organs)
  3. Muscle helps prevent injuries especially to our joints (cushions our joints)

Overall it’s been a great week, despite the little shoulder set back. I am really enjoying the program I have made and excited to continue on this journey!

How have you all been doing with your goals? Can you name me a small win you had last week? How do you deal with setbacks?

Feel free to reach out for support or questions. I love this shit and am so very happy to help:)


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