Upper Body Band Hotel Workout

I only have a few more shifts to go and I’m done commuting for work! Yayyy. Doesn’t mean I’m dropping my workouts and starting over next week because consistency is always number one!

So whether your travelling or staying a night in a hotel you can get that workout in. The program I built does use a barbell which I have at home so I swapped in a band for this week as it’s a lot easier to haul around and just adapted my workout.

Here is a full upper body workout I did in my hotel this afternoon utilizing only a yoga mat and a long band.

My warm up consisted of arm circles, long overhead stretches and range of motion.

Exercise 1:

3 sets of 15 Wide Grip Upright Rows

Exercise 2:

3 sets of 15 Lateral Raises (each arm)

Exercise 3:

3 sets of 25 Band Straight arm Lat Pulls (Tip: get your elbows back far behind you when you pull down and squeeeeeze your lats)

Exercise 4:

3 sets of 15 Lying Cobra Pose Lat Pulldowns

Exercise 5:

3 Supersets 10 Full range band bicep curls into 10 Partial Curls

Exercise 6:

3 Supersets of 15 plank get ups (keeping the hips from moving) into 18 Plank march ins total alternating legs

That’s it! Took me about 25 to 30 minutes.

Stretch really well afterwards pulling each arm up overhead and bending to the side and holding. Another stretch to reach up as far as you can with both arms stretching your lats and hold.

Keep Working Hard. You are worth it!


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