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Train With Me!

I truly believe that everyone has an athlete inside of them. It’s a matter of finding out 1 – What exercise you love, 2 – Your commitment to moving your body for health purposes 3 – Your mindset and BELIEF that you ARE an athlete, no matter what form of exercise you do.

I’d like to invite you all to follow along my training journey no matter what training you are doing yourself. In the end the main goal for performing any exercise or training is to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

Week 1:

Motivation: I felt very motivated like most do when they start out a new year, a new goal, or program, I find in the beginning it’s easy to take action.

Intensity: This week felt very easy and I found I had to constantly remind myself that if you come out of the gates sprinting and pushing yourself too hard this is where injuries take place. We also need room for progressive overload (to progress) so focus on good form in the beginning rather than more reps or weight. I followed my program with no add ons and much to my surprise I did feel quite sore at times due to introducing new unfamiliar exercises. I would rate overall muscle soreness this week 4/10.

Lessons: I felt this week was more about mental training and getting my mindset in a good place. I really had to practice self awareness with some of my old patterns and behaviours creeping in. After this week I feel like my next couple months are going to be all about mental training! But it’s all in the effort and practice to improve that headspace.

Stretching after a good run!

Something I listened to that really clicked on @beautyandthegeek podcast a couple weeks ago is that the reason why body building (which is what I’ve been practicing for the last 3 years) is so mentally tough is because you have to judge your progress based off of what you look like (your physique).

This has put in front of me many self realizations, self doubts, confidence struggles, poor eating behaviours etc. It really is much more of a mental game than it is about getting physically healthier. Kudos to all the amazing body builders and physique competitors out there, it really is a tough sport all around.

For this reason I am quite happy with my new goal of completing a triathlon. Because what I am going to be measuring now are times, kilometres, endurance, things that are OUTSIDE of what I have to judge in the mirror. I feel like this is really going to help with the mental struggles I have to constantly work on such as dysmorphia, food obsession, and imposter syndrome

Lifestyle hack: Set goals outside of weight, inches, and appearances. Focus on those measurable goals and track your progress by the improvements in your numbers! Examples: Set a time to beat for cardio, hit a really heavy lift tracking the weight on the bar, aim to hold a yoga pose for set amount of time or fine tune a pose, increase the amount of time you move your body in a day (set a goal number of steps to reach per day).

Another big lesson I learned this week is how to keep my mindset in check. This actually had nothing to do with my training but more about life in general. I have three mentors that are my go to for inspiration or new lessons on how to get my head straight. I follow @yourhealthyhedonista on instagram when I’m looking for grit, I’ve been practicing @wimhof method for breathing and cold exposure to help with my training, and I also turn to @drjoedispenza and read his books and use his research as guidance to help me continue to rewire my brain.

It is important to have mentors or follow people who help motivate and push you to follow your goals, dreams, and passions. I’ve been stuck in a couple mental ruts this week and learned, when in doubt look beyond your chaotic thoughts and outsource some information or help to get your head on straight, clear, and re find the joy!

Another point I wanted to talk about this week is the importance of having a plan, a program, and a goal. When you have a set program in front of you it really takes the brain work out of things. It can help with motivation because sometimes half the battle is deciding what exercise or workout you want to do, sometimes to the point where you just don’t do anything at all. When you have laid out in front of you exactly what you’re going to do then all you have to do is take action!

Lifestyle hack: Every Sunday take an hour to plan out your week. What days are you going to workout? What days are cardio only? What specific workouts are you going to do? Throughout the week TAKE ACTION. You have the plan now stick to it.

Overall I am happy with what I accomplished this week. I hope you guys follow along with my weekly blogs. Together we can crush our goals, talk about our setbacks, and grow as healthy and happy people!


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