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The Human Body an Adaptation Machine

The human body is incredible at remembering, adapting, and listening. It’s how humans evolved and persevered through the world around us changing. The problem with having this adaptable complex machine as our body, is it can hinder our progress in the gym. When we workout the same way all the time our muscles adapt to these movements, we get stronger, and our muscle memory kicks in. This means the movements we’ve always done get easier and we start to plateau. On the extreme end we can even go backwards even though we’re still working out. This is caused by not complimenting our workouts with proper nutrition.

The same concept goes with our nutrition. If we eat the same things all the time were consistently only getting the same vitamins and minerals and could potentially be nutrient deficient in certain areas. 

It’s hard when we get into a good routine that works well and that we enjoy knowing we eventually have to switch things up. But there are always ways to tweak, adapt, and progress while still enjoying our program.

Not only can us humans adapt but we’re also ridiculously smart as well and always find a way around problems that may hinder us from growing and moving forward. 

The best way to change things up is obviously to seek out a professional such as a personal trainer. But if this isn’t an option for you then find new workouts do your research on new ideas and new movements. There’s tons out there on the internet or youtube. 

Strive to change up your workouts every 5-6 weeks. Mix up your nutrients or meals every week and add lots of variety to your food. Experiment with new vegetables and don’t always buy the same fruits. Try different protein sources including plant based protein. There are also tons of great different and unique grains out there. 

Be in charge of the adaptable machine that your body is and you will continue to make progress!


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