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The Exercise Rush (16)

Intensity: This week I’m going to rate my overall workout and cardio intensity an 8/10.

Motivation: I felt highly motivated this week to get my workouts done all in a row so I could rest more towards the end of the week. Don’t ask me why because I’ve never felt that way before. Usually I strategically plan my cardio and workouts to make sure I maintain energy and power throughout the week, but this week I almost left myself needing or wanting more at the end of the week.

Our motivations for things, ideals for habits, and willpower sometimes shifts and changes over time. I’ve always condoned a good ole trusty routine but the more my life has shifted and changed over time the more I have realized that sometimes strict routine is just not super realistic.

The being said one of my favourite routines is sitting down before the start of a new week and planning how you want to tackle the week ahead. Sometimes it’s different then the week before, it’s not always the same old thing, and that’s okay.

Listen to your intuition and do what is best for YOU and your lifestyle, your family and social life. It is possible to balance it all and lead a healthy life.

After that rabbit hole I will rate this week a 9/10 for motivation! Go me!

Lessons: This week I have learned that my fitness goals might be worth looking into and reconsidering. With my new work as a coach at a CrossFit gym, I am feeling super excited and inspired to maybe get back into it…

I lifted heavy for the first time in a LONG time and damnnnn did it feel good. The feeling of power, confidence, and strength that it gave me… it’s hard to describe but it’s something I feel like we all seek in a workout regime.

After having this feeling I went back and read the “why” that I wrote down a few years ago. “My Why”, is the reason why I take care of myself or do the things that I do to stay healthy and here was mine:

“Because I used to do a lot of things I didn’t want tot do, just to please other people. This made me feel weak, undignified, and ashamed. Once I changed my mindset and stopped looking for acceptance, my life changed. I started focusing on who I truly am and gained this amazing feeling of strength and confidence that I never want to lose.”

THIS is what lifting heavy made me feel like last week, I’ve come back to “my why”.

Think about all the times you have felt a huge rush of dopamine while exercising. Think of those moments you felt totally in control, powerful, confident, content. Was it when you were running? Was it during a Yin yoga session? Was it when you were pounding out laps in the local pool? Or was it when you hit your 1 rep max during a heavy squat?

We’ve all had this rush while exercising at some point or another. We all experience it through different exercise domains.

What totally lights your fire and gets you excited to exercise? It’s important to not focus on what somebody is saying is the best way to exercise and to focus on what gets you going!! What gets you pumped up! What gets you inspired and excited?

This is what exercise is all about, creating these amazing rushes and feelings of confidence, happiness, joy, and love of life. Exercise is ultimately there to help us feel good about ourselves and about life. An added bonus is that it keeps us healthy as well!

So think back to those times that you have been mid run/workout/swim/bike/hike whatever it might be for you, and get back into it and see how it makes you feel.

If it doesn’t feel right, try something new, mix it up. Find and do the things that make you feel your best and when that doesn’t work, try something else.

Don’t give up on exercise because it will be your best friend as you grow, age, and carry out your path in life.

At the end of the day “movement is medicine!”


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