Resistance Training as Supplemental Exercise

During my coaching journey and talking with tons of people about fitness, working out, likes, and dislikes I’ve come to realize that there is a lot of variety in exercise and not one form of exercise pleases all.

Much like my last blog talking about experimenting with different forms of exercise and finding what you like best, I’d like to talk now about how you can supplement your favourite exercise with some injury preventative measures.

Resistance training is important no matter what form of exercise you take up but it doesn’t have to be a long gruelling lift session. It can be in the form of lifting light weights, yoga, pilates, etc. and it doesn’t have to be long!

The reason why resistance training is important is not only to build muscle but to build and strengthen connective tissue as well. Connective tissue is what connects all your bones and muscles and helps your body to operate efficiently.

A lot of injuries happen to connective tissue because they’re not built strong enough to support whatever exercise you are putting your body through. So we know now it’s not just our muscles that we want to strengthen but our ligaments and tendons as well.

This is the reason yoga is so beneficial. Connective tissue is strengthened by doing unilateral movements or balance work which is a lot of what yoga is. But there are also a lot of exercises you can do in the gym or with weights if your just not into yoga.

As mentioned before I had taken up hiking in the last little bit so I have created a new workout program to supplement my hiking that focuses on strengthening ankles, knees, and hips.

Here is one of my workouts that I created that’s easy to do right at home. This is just day 1 of a six week program so each week will get more and more challenging.

Warm up:

1 set of glutebridge abductor ladder (trying to reach 10)

One leg deadlift, into curtsey lunge, into split squat x5 reps, repeat other leg, for 3 sets

20 second warrior pose into same leg 20 second squat hold, repeat other leg x2 sets

2×25 band glute bridges

30 second one leg wall sit, repeat other leg x4 sets

3×15 weighted calf raises

3×20 vacuum twists

50 russian twists

Personally I loved this workout and can’t wait to progress and strengthen my joints.

You can get a trainer to make you a supplemental program for whatever form of exercise that you love! Use resistance training as a supplement and keep moving and enjoying all that exercise gives you and your life!


*If your interested in a customized program send me an e-mail or a DM on instagram and I’d be happy to create something you will purely enjoy:)*

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