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No Excuses (10)

Intensity: This week my workouts have been challenging but I have not felt one ounce of soreness afterwards. What I do know is just because you don’t feel sore after a workout or the day after, does not mean that the work is not beneficial. I had to remind myself of this sometimes because I have a love/hate relationship with being sore (hurts so good). 

Couple reasons why you might not be experiencing sore muscles:

  1. You’ve been doing the same exercises working the same muscles and your muscles are adapting.
  2. Your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) is low (your not lifting to failure). This strategy is often used when training for muscular endurance rather than brute strength or hypertrophy.
  3. You have brought back adequate blood flow to your muscles by stretching or light cardio cool down after a workout (good for you!).

That being said it is still very important to add in progressive overload to your workouts, which means increasing the intensity, weight, or volume of your workouts over time to “progress”. 

So if you switch up your exercises, moves, increase volume etc and are still not feeling sore ever, it may be that you’re just not pushing yourself hard enough. The goal is to always improve and progress so start keeping track of how sore you feel, how tired you are after a workout, are you getting closer to your goals etc. You totally got this! 

I would rate my intensity level this week a 4/10. I’m not mad about it. I’ve dragged my ass to workout with only two hours of sleep, I’ve crushed my PR run with a time of 27:36 for 5.48km. I’ve done what I had to do during this busy week to stay consistent while working nights, purging, and packing for a cross country move.

Motivation: Now onto motivation. It was a hard week for that because not going to lie, I had a lot going on this week, but don’t we all? I had to really dig down deep to not give up on my training plan. I had to drag myself to workout, even if it meant packing in between sets haha. Motivation this week is a whopping 2/10, but like I said, I got it doneeeee, and I am proud:)

Lessons: If you follow my personal life at all on social media you probably saw my post about moving to Kelowna BC! I am beyond excited and grateful and cannot wait. So much that I am actually taking off in a couple days. 

For anyone who has ever moved before, you know what this all entails. Planning, organizing, cleaning, packing, it’s been a busy week to say the least. I had to sit myself down one evening and really weigh pros and cons of this whole training to do a triathlon thing. Is it too much? Can I afford to take a week off? Is there even a triathlon to attend in Kelowna? (obviously there will be somewhere close by). Here is the sensus I came to.

  1. How does training feel to me rather than not training?

I 100% ALWAYS feel better when I exercise or train.

  1. How has it felt in the past to give up or let go of a goal or idea?

I’ve almost 100% regret it, every time OR wish I had just stuck with it.

  1. What would be the consequences of losing my consistent routine?

It takes a long ass time to build a habit but I’ve found it’s very easy to lose. It’s easy to take a week off and it’s triple as hard to get back into it. So which way do I want to play this?

  1. What would not exercising do to my mental health?

Hand down it would suffer.

So after all these questions the very obvious solution is to not give up. Continue with the training plan I have set up for myself and keep working towards the goal I set out to achieve, even if that means dragging myself to do it sometimes. It will all be very worth it, even though it may be hard.

One of the best ways I keep my “grit” is to become aware of when I am making up an excuse, and ditch it. I have worked hard on my no excuse attitude over the years, I believe it is an important attitude to have. This is especially true when you are prioritizing yourself and your wellbeing. Sometimes in life you just have to do the hard thing and not let little excuses get in your way, they’re only roadblocks to your dreams.

That being said I am not letting some excuse of moving get in the way of my triathlon goal. I am soooo looking forward to getting out to Kelowna and buying a beautiful bike. It’s all part of my training plan that I have projected purchasing a bike in the next few weeks and introducing that into my training plan:)

What are some excuses that you’ve made that have hurt your progress?

What is holding you back the most from achieving your goals?

Can you name a few limiting beliefs that you need to get rid of?

Don’t let excuses hold you back from living the life you always dreamed of!

I believe in you!


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