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Justification –7

Intensity: Let me tell you about this week… my level of sore is 10/10. Not because I pushed way too hard but probably because I got the opportunity to snowboard all day. I was lucky enough to get in on The Blue Mountains opening day (since pandemic rules). Last time I went snowboarding was not only a year ago but I literally trained my muscles for it by doing tons of wall sits and balance work on a bosu ball. I still religiously workout but not specifically to snowboard so boy was I ever in for a treat lol.

Opportunities happen, life happens, events pop up, so how does this effect our training and workouts? We adapt. We don’t throw them out the window. Consistency is the key my friends!

That’s why this week I want to talk specifically about justification and bargaining as we ALL do it!

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  1. I worked so hard yesterday, today I will skip this workout I planned to do.
  2. I worked hard today I am going to a couple extra cookies to treat myself.
  3. You know what? I’m feeling really tired today, I am just going to do two workouts tomorrow.
  4. I could workout, or I could just continue to watch TV and shut my brain off of the guilt that keeps coming in.

What ways have you specifically bargained with yourself about working out, exercising, or eating?

I don’t believe that bargaining or justification is always a bad thing. In some cases yes, it definitely sets us back but in other cases it can be reasonable. What you have to make sure when justifying something to yourself, is that you will come out on top, and that it’s not going to put you back into old unwanted patterns.

Part of growth and self development, a lot of what I talk about in this blog, is changing the way we used to do things to better our future selves. It’s about breaking patterns that don’t serve us and squashing old damaging habits. So when your bargaining with yourself, ask, is the outcome going to benefit my future self?

A good example of an effective bargain may be:

I planned to workout my lower body today, but I am having knee pain, therefore instead I will train upper body and give my knee time to rest. This bargain shows you are listening to your body and your pain but also sticking to the commitment to workout.

An example of a not so effective bargain may be:

I am going to eat this second dessert before giving myself time to feel full because I want to, then tomorrow I am going to work “double” as hard in my workouts. This can be a damaging bargain as you are not listening to your body, giving into cravings and justifying the second dessert, along with putting added pressure on yourself to workout “double” as hard when “double” is not a measurable tool to track your success.

A good way to bargain and justify an action is to have a set plan in place to come back on track. So if a curve ball gets thrown at your week, your unable to do the workout you committed to, there is a tempting potluck at work, or your suffering an injury. Right when you notice the curveball, make a plan of action.

Example plan of action:

  1. Tempting potluck at work – I am going to enjoy this potluck with my coworkers but here is my plan: I am going to make sure 30% of my plate is protein, I am going to enjoy the other 70%. I am going to swap dinner tonight with something lighter (grilled chicken salad rather than chicken alfredo).
  2. I am unable to do my workout today as I got a call from a friend who really needs me to come over. Plan: Get up early tomorrow and squeeze my workout in before work (remind myself how good it will feel to get it done).

It’s not easy to stay committed and consistent, for anyone, including me. Planning can really help, always expect setbacks or “curveballs”, and find ways to flex your resilient muscle. You are only one day, one workout, one meal, away from getting back on track to succeeding, changing for the better, and growing in the right direction.

Motivation: Due to this long day snowboarding I had on Tuesday which I am beyond grateful for getting to do, do you think I really wanted to drag my sore ass out for a run the next morning? haha Definitely not.

Last week I talked about recovery. One of my methods for recovery of a sore muscle is light cardio. So this was my bargain: If I just start, get my shoes on, my gear on, get outside and just start running, I don’t have to push myself super hard today and just run to recover, that’s it. So that’s what I did. It loosened me up and although I’m still sore it kept my cardio on track.

What I didn’t do was workout the day after snowboarding because of another one of my recovery principles to give your muscles 48 hours to recover. So I am feeling quite good about balancing and replanning this weeks training to a fun unexpected turn of events. It’s all about prioritizing your health goals and making it work and fit into your life.

It’s also about keeping those promises to yourself.

Keep yourself your number one priority!


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