Hard truths

Inspiration from Injury

When I first found out I had a cyst on my hip that was going to require workout modification my immediate reaction was to panic. I feared that falling out of my routine would cause weight gain, muscle loss, and lack of motivation. I feared that if I slowed down or dialed things back my mental health would suffer. I was way more worried about what would happen to me mentally rather than physically.

I’m proud to say I persevered through this time. I took this injury as a sign from my body that maybe I wasn’t doing the right exercises for my body and that maybe my routines didn’t match up with what was best for me. I took this injury and stayed positive and turned it into something that I know was meant to happen.

Because I was self aware of my fears right off the bat I made a plan for my mental health. My usual methods of coping always include working hard at the gym but what I hadn’t realized before is that it wasn’t all about these big heavy intense gym sessions but just moving my body and getting into a certain head space that brings my enthusiasm for life.

I tried to keep my mindset at making sure I was getting some exercise, any exercise. I reminded myself that the only way I was going to heal and get better from my injury was to be careful and not to push myself so any light exercise is better than nothing at all. I set move goals for myself and listened to my body and honestly just talked nice to myself A LOT. I used self affirmations and encouraged myself. I reminded myself that I AM enough, regardless of what I was able to physically do.

I also focused on NUTRITION. I tried my best not to over eat and only ate foods that fit my macros and made me feel good about my decisions. I slipped up a few times because it was the holidays and because everyone slips up. But I’ve been getting better and better at forgiving myself and moving on and learning from these slip ups and why they happen. There is usually always a reason for overeating so if you can find that reason prior to bingeing or indulging you can gain more control.

I feel as though my mental strength just keeps growing and growing. It comes with time and practice and patience. It’s worlds better than what it used to a few years ago when I was riddled with self doubt and constantly questioning myself. It’s something I have achieved because I put myself first and make it a priority to grow. 

I find that set backs always make me stronger so anytime something happens such as an injury or an emotional event that causes me to second guess my goals or routines, I feel inspired. When you develop the mindset that things happen for you and not to you then you can use this as fuel!

Fuel for your mind and body can come in many forms if you choose to utilize it. Fuel is just another word for energy and it really is what you make of it.

Things that have worked for me over time is using whatever I can as fuel or energy, talking nice to myself, and learning to gain self control by becoming more self aware of my routines and habits.

Hope you all can find this information useful and start building momentum from your set backs and learning experiences!



By frecklefit

Health and fitness enthusiast. Believer in seeing all things as energy. Mission to inspire and transfer positive energy to elevate peoples lives. Actively practicing autosuggestion and manifestation.

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