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How to Start Meditating

Meditating can be done in many different forms. Most people think it’s sitting cross legged with their thumb and middle finger together placed on the knees, humming with their eyes closed. Most people believe meditating is shutting your brain right off.

Well both of these concepts are wrong. It is impossible to just shut your brain off. Where people get the idea of shutting your brain off is from buddhist monks who can channel their brains to reach enlightenment which takes months to years to achieve. Not to mention they practice this all day everyday. This is just not realistic for most people to achieve therefore we should be practicing meditation just for the health benefits it provides.

It has been scientifically proven that meditation can rewire your brain to change your way of thinking and even your way of feeling. We all understand that it has amazing benefits so how can we start?

Like creating any habit trying to do too much too fast usually causes you to fail. The way I started doing it consistently was a 28 day meditation challenge. I did five minutes a day for one week. Then ten minutes a day, the next week. Then fifteen, then twenty. I got into the habit of sitting down once a day to get it done. 

Setting a timer is beneficial for me as well. Especially if your in a time crunch not only will it help you fit it into your day, it will take your mind off checking the time to see how long it has been. Setting a timer takes that part of the thinking out of the equation so you can focus more on breathing and getting into a good space.

After going beyond five minutes I found five minutes not to be enough and a really short time to get in all the relaxing breathing I wanted. But reality is sometimes we only have five minutes a day. It is better than nothing at all. So I have continued my practice. Sometimes I get in a full twenty minutes and sometimes only five or ten but it is now a habit for me.

When I first started I would just breathe and let my mind wander. I later added in some visualization such as going to my happy place, or seeing myself achieving a goal, or even seeing my family or friends who are way too far away and letting my heart feel full. I then learned different breathing techniques and what the energy centers were and how to bless them. 

But it all started with five minutes a day.

Here is how I usually start my practice a breathing technique by Dr.Joe Dispenza. It is only five breathes and usually gives me an amazing sensation of relaxation and good energy. 

Breathe in and at the same time draw your abdomen in and do a kegel exercise (should feel like your holding in your pee). It will feel like your squeezing everything from your private parts to your belly button, all while holding your breathe. Hold for five seconds. Without letting go of your breathe breath in as big as you can visualize your breath travelling all the way up your spine through the back of your skull to the top of your head. Exhale really slowly feeling complete relaxation. Repeat x5.

After this exercise I usually let my mind and energy lead the way. Sometimes I focus on healing a part of me that isn’t 100%. Sometimes I focus on sending someone love who I feel truly needs it. Sometimes I come up with a great idea and spend the rest of the day working on that!

Everyone needs to start doing it. There is no excuse or reason why you can’t because it is for everyone!

Start with just five minutes a day and keep yourself accountable to that for two weeks. Then see where it takes you!


By frecklefit

Health and fitness enthusiast. Believer in seeing all things as energy. Mission to inspire and transfer positive energy to elevate peoples lives. Actively practicing autosuggestion and manifestation.

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Really enjoyed this article Celine. Very sound advice, Mental health so often gets forgotten in our quest to get healthy. I know I will be trying this, not sure how it will go with my A.D.D. brain, might need some extra practice, lol! Thanks for sharing this ❤️

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