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How to Safely Lose Weight 101

1) First thing you must do is come up with a plan that you feel you can stick to because CONSISTENCY is #1!!! Yes you can make a plan to lose weight very quickly but if you do not stick to that plan long term or do not progress you WILL 100% gain it back and sometimes more. So your plan must be sustainable and YOU must be accountable in staying consistent.

When deciding on a plan just ask yourself, would I be able to do this forever? This might mean creating a few healthier habits. When something becomes a habit then it’s easier to adhere too but you have to find a way, first to grind it out until the habit is in place. 

How do you create a habit? Repetition, repetition, repetition. Just keep going. Just do it. Tell yourself it will be worth it in the long term because IT WILL.

2)Drink more water! You NEED to drink half your body weight in ounces per day MINIMUM. More if you’re exercising or sweating. One of many things water is important for is thermoregulation. Thermoregulation plays a big role in weight loss so drinking more water is SO very important. Just do it. Find a way. I know you can.

3) Exercise alone is not enough to lose weight and keep it off. Nutrition plays an even bigger factor. In order to lose weight you must balance energy expenditure and energy consumed

Energy Expenditure is the energy we burn off in a day. If we burn off more than we consume we lose weight.

Energy consumed is what we eat to provide our body with energy. If we consistently eat more than we burn off we store weight or “fat”.

Plain and Simple.

Manipulating energy expenditure:

There are four components to increase energy expenditure therefore if your goal is to lose weight you have to increase one of the four categories in which energy is expended.

  1. Increase lean body mass – through resistance training (lifting weights)  you can increase muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolism burning more calories at rest.
  2. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – which is all the activity or movement you do in a day that isn’t exercise such as work, clean the house, chew, stand up and sit down, grab the remote, walk from car to the grocery store… you get the picture. 
  3. Thermogenetic Food – Eating foods higher in protein and fibre. Protein and Fibre take longer and are more complex to digest in the body which in turn burn more calories and help you to feel more full. Protein aids in building muscle and used for many other functions in the body therefore is not EASILY stored as fat if over consumed (but can in excess). 
  4. Exercise

Manipulating energy consumed:

  1. Track what your eating or atleast become more AWARE of the calorie content in what your consuming.
  2. Choose foods that are lower in calories.
  3. Increased fibre which has lower calorie content but simultaneously makes you feel fuller so you eat less.
  4. If it fits your lifestyle well, consider intermittent fasting as it lessens the amount of hours in the day you eat causing you to eat less (although be aware of  the risks of binge eating)
  5. Chew gum, brush teeth, stay hydrated (sometimes we think we’re hungry because our mouths are dry or we are dehydrated)
  6. Find a herbal tea you like plain (no sugar or milk) 
  7. Utilize calorie free sweeteners such as stevia
  8. Stay busy!! (I don’t know about you but I eat when I’m bored and so do most people)

So to sum all this up in order to lose weight put plain and simple:

1-Don’t try to erratically change but plan a lifestyle you could adhere to forever. This will keep you consistent.

2-Stay Hydrated

3-Manipulate energy expenditure by building muscle, increase daily movements, eat foods higher in protein and fibre, and/or exercise. 

4-Eat less by becoming self aware of what you are consuming in a day.

And lastly BE PATIENT! Significant weight loss will not happen over night, might not happen over the next week, might not happen over the next month. But if you are PATIENT and CONSISTENT it WILL happen!

You GOT this!


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