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How to Recover from a Night Out

We have all been in that place where we went a little overboard on food or bevies and are left in the morning with feelings of food shame, guilt, sometimes disgust, and sometimes a really bad hangover.

I’ve been in this place more times than I can count. It was all fine and dandy when I didn’t have any big goals to achieve and my values were essentially placed on just having the best time I can.

Now that I’m older and more mature I will admit that no matter how good of a time I am having in a drunken state, it just isn’t worth the feelings I get the next day if I have drank too much and unconsciously binge ate double my caloric intake. I will also admit that sometimes I slip up and it still happens. 

Because Alcohol will do that to me! If I have even just ONE to many it can lead to me chasing a happy drunken state that is only attainable by drinking more and more and more. It’s lead to times of extreme embarrassment for me, times of throwing up or making myself do so, times of not remembering the events of the night even. 

These are just experiences I don’t care to have anymore but in the event that I make a lapse in judgement or lose sight of what my new found adult and more mature values are I do know how to recover from the event. At the end of the day mistakes happen and we have to learn to forgive ourselves for them and more importantly move on and not dwell over them. 

I’m going to call this idea my oopsie hangover protocol in which I follow each time I wake up with a dang hangover praying it’s not going to take me out completely! This can also work for a food hangover as well if you’re not a drinker but binged on way to much unhealthy food.

1.Electrolytes and Hydrate

Although you probably can’t stand the sight of food or have a full belly from the overindulgence the night before it is important to replenish your body of what was eliminated after you “broke the seal”. Not only water but you need the salt especially to balance it out. If your only battling a food hangover than the electrolytes are not as necessary but the water IS! If it was the booze and you can’t get a good hearty salty but well balanced breakfast in (which is what I recommend), the least you can do is get a Gatorade in or an electrolyte pack. Other ideas include chicken broth, orange juice, or start munching on a jar of pickles. Whatever isn’t going to make you throw up and will get some salt and hydration back into your body. The best hangover Breaky includes eggs, bacon or sausage, and toast or a good breakfast sandwich.


After you’ve had your replenishing breakfast try to focus on getting your nutrition back on track. Include some health in there like fresh fruit and veggies. Try to consume a little less calories that day if you can, to balance what you may over did the night before but DO NOT starve yourself. Eat small frequent meals in order to avoid becoming hungry. 

3.Keep Moving

After getting some sustenance, try and get some fresh air. Although this may be extremely difficult sometimes laying in bed or on the couch makes things SO much worse. Go out for a walk, go shopping at the mall, or if your brave enough go to the gym and walk lightly on the treadmill with some music or podcast, keep yourself busy and distracted from the agony. After you start to feel a little better THAN you can do some Netflix and chilling but if that hangover starts to creep back get your ass up and move!

4.Get Wet

If your by a body of water or a pool, swimming can be a great hangover cure. If you don’t have this luxury just a nice Luke warm shower will do. Clean yourself up, dust yourself off, and bring a little dignity back to yourself by practicing personal hygiene. Oh and brush your teeth too! 


If your a regular coffee drinker, AFTER you have nourished yourself and replenished some hydration into your body try a coffee to get rid of that pounding headache. This will help with any Caffiene withdrawals you may be experiencing along with the other hell that’s going on.

6.Forgive yourself

I find writing down my mistakes, where I messed up, and how it made me feel super beneficial in moving on. Sometimes we let these mess ups get the best of us. Sometimes we decide to quit on ourselves and give up on our goals even. If you can hone in on your feelings and reevaluate your goals and why you made them in the first place, it’ll really help get you back on track and back to feeling good!

Much love


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