Fitness Goal Setting

Last year I’ll admit, my fitness goals were not clear cut. I had the goal to work on key muscles to snowboard in January, then after that I aimlessly bounced from one goal to another. I am happy with what I worked on in 2020 and to be realistic, any “gym type goal” would have to have been adjusted anyway related to losing the gym.

In 2020 after my snowboard trip I focused on general fitness until covid happened then I put my focus on how to keep and potentially gain muscle at home with minimal equipment. I then bounced to a 3 month reverse diet and then to a 3 month diet phase. I enjoyed this experience and I feel great, healthy, and fit.

But this year is going to be different! I listened to a great podcast the other day – Beauty and the Geek (with biolayne and Holly Baxter). They spoke about how a lot of reverse diets and diets aren’t that effective because people don’t FULLY commit to the process and lose patience in the process. They also speak about a big part of committing to the process is just loving it and enjoying it fully.

So this got me thinking about what I really love and what would be something I could fully commit to. I wanted a really clear cut goal that is more specific and measurable. Most importantly I wanted something to truly work towards.

One of the biggest things I have realized this year having moved to this beautiful area of the country is how much I love being outside! That no matter what my daily walks, hikes, or snow shoes bring me clarity, peace and joy. Another realization is that I live right across from a freaking lake… So what better goal for me this next year is to do a Triathlon!!

I researched different triathlon races in the area and of course there are many and one in particular close by in July. So this is my goal that I am over the moon excited about and know that I’m going to love the training and the process of achieving this goal.

I’ve recently gained inspiration also from a book I read. Think like a warrior by Darrin Donnelly. I’m hoping to work towards my goal using the five inner beliefs from this book (which I have pinned up on my wall).

  1. I will only focus on the things I can control my effort and my attitude.
  2. I love what I do and will attack each day with joy and enthusiasm.
  3. I dream big and avoid the naysayers.
  4. I am relentless and will never give up on my dreams.
  5. I will choose faith over fear.

One of the big keys to achieving a goal is to plan. So I have my training schedule all planned out and organized into six training blocks. There will be challenges along the way such as the substantial increase in cardio I will have to transition into, being aware and careful with my chronic injuries, and learning how to freakin swim lol

Overall I am full of excitement about this new journey and goal!

Three things to consider when creating a fitness goal:

  1. What do you LOVE and would love the process of training for?
  2. Where and how would you like to see yourself in 6-12 months?
  3. What is your “why” for doing what you do?

If you have a specific goal in mind and would like a well thought out, individualized, long term plan constructed to reach this goal… I can create this for you! E-mail or message me for details. Together we can reach and achieve our goals!



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