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Find The Joy! (and maybe a side hustle along the way)

I haven’t been shy about my decision to cut back on my full time nursing job. Being a nurse is a really hard job. There are times that I absolutely love it, times that it really tests my patience and times it makes me question what I was thinking going into this career. Choosing to do this job part time has been the best decision ever. I find I am excited to go to work and carry out my shifts with way more enthusiasm.

By not working full time I am finding a lot of extra time on my hands. In our day and age it can be challenging to only work part time and make ends meet. I for one do not want to just “make ends meet” either, because I’ve vowed for a life full of greatness. For me, earning more money is not about being able to buy more stuff but more about how can I use extra money for good. Who can I support in there dreams? Who can I help catch a break in life? Who can I inspire?

So naturally I am heading for a side hustle. There is a lot of talk about this “side hustle” and how it might just be essential for our generation. So I’ve been humming and hawing about what exactly I want this side hustle to be!

I’ve been going back a fourth between putting more into personal training, or writing another book, but neither one of these things are really lighting a fire in me. At the end of the day I want to LOVE what I do. Get excited about new projects and enthusiastic about the process and not just the outcome. This is what a growth mindset is all about, focusing on the process, the work you put in, and a deep knowing that you will succeed no matter what as long as your learning.

So I’ve decided I’m just going to follow my joy! What I do love is writing these blog posts, I love to exercise, and spend time outside. I love training and concocting healthy meals for myself. So I’m taking the focus away from what “I think I need to do”, and more finding the little things that “I truly love to do”.

I’m going to continue to manifest the life that I want to be living, continue to work hard, learn, grow, and know eventually success will follow.

Are you exhausted from working full time? OR do you absolutely love what you do and enjoy going to work everyday?

If your not passionately in love with your day job i’m here to tell you that it is possible to lower your work hours and make it through. You can find a side hustle that you love or work on passion project on the side. You can do anything you desire as long as you keep believing in your dreams and moving forward!



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Health and fitness enthusiast. Believer in seeing all things as energy. Mission to inspire and transfer positive energy to elevate peoples lives. Actively practicing autosuggestion and manifestation.

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