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Intensity: Overall intensity this week is a whopping 4/10. Not my best week but I did finish strong. Not very sore this week from my workouts but moving into more volume next week for some progressive overload which should increase my intensity. I also got in my three cardio sessions and running in the slushy snow definitely increases the intensity of my runs.

Motivation: This week started out very draggy. I had to draggg myself to workout and dragggg myself to run in the morning, but I did it, and it wasn’t pretty, until about mid week where I found my stride and finished the week off strong!

Lessons: This week I wanted to talk about expectations and how it can affect our mindset, motivation, and mental health. It is a lesson that I learned this week after a “not so healthy” weekend.

Over the weekend although I was able to get all my workouts and cardio in, I’ll admit I probably had a little bit too much to drink… and a little too much pizza and chips lol. But here I was expecting myself to not feel the guilt or feel it in my training sessions the following days to come. I naively expected that if I stuck true to my training I wouldn’t feel the affects from the poor nutritional choices. I was sadly mistaken and my training was definitely affected for days following.

I realize that in life as much as we strive to live a healthy lifestyle majority of the time, we need to live and enjoy our social life as well. I used to fight with the idea of being 100% healthy, sticking strictly to my health goals, being super lean, and never drinking alcohol again kind of life versus throwing it all away on weekends or social events eating what I want and drinking like a fish. I never thought it was possible to balance the two and have it all.

Over the years of doing research, of working on my self and committing to self growth, and of course experimenting with both kind of lifestyles, I’ve made the conclusion that you can have it all which is great news!

My ongoing journey

What you can’t have is the expectation that you are always going to feel 100%. You can’t expect that you will never have a mental health hurdle no matter what decision you make. Because when you decide to take the healthy route, you’re going to miss the social bond. When you take the social route you may feel like complete shit from overindulging. Even when you find a good balance, you may not be able to find it every time.

You also can’t expect to have the best training session every time regardless of what kind of decision you make. But what you can commit to, is showing up for yourself. You can show up and give it your best effort and even when the training doesn’t go well as you hoped, be proud that you showed up!

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle you are always going to have mental work to do. When we don’t work on the mental stuff such as lack of confidence, guilt, shame, worry or fear, we suffer and this has everything to do with the way we train, exercise, eat, and take care of ourselves.

Some of the things that I do to work on mental warfare are:

  1. Meditate
  2. Read personal development books (and take each with a grain of salt)
  3. Read and learn about inspiring and motivational individuals
  4. Journal
  5. Self reflect
  6. Practice awareness
  7. Listen to podcasts
  8. Surround myself with an environment for growth

Let me remind you that self growth is a never ending journey. Figuring out what kind of lifestyle works best for you and gives you good mental health is also a non linear journey. Keep working on the mental stuff and it will elevate your training and fitness goals so much more.

And when it comes to expectations, you can always face your fitness and lifestyle goals with a good attitude and your best effort, but be gentle with yourself when things don’t go as planned. Don’t give up on yourself because you totally got this!

Do you struggle between a healthy and a more social life? How do you try and balance the two? How can you tip the scale to becoming a more confident individual? Think of how all this can affect your training in a positive way!

I want you all to come up with a list of ways that you can continue to work on your mental health and positive self talk and by all means use my list for ideas:)



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