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Exercise at Home!

This is exercise at home… me putting my slippers on after my workout to stretch it out! Got to keep those toesies warm.

In all seriousness, right now going to the gym is highly frowned upon and in many areas around the world, banned. There is a lot of body fluids swarming around the gym, even when wearing a mask. Keep yourselves safe and exercise at home!

I know it is hard. When I first started doing it I struggled. I still do struggle but kind of in a different way that I’m finding beneficial. It may not benefit my workout to take extra time between sets to sweep the floor but my house benefits from it! I’m finding though too that I’m burning extra cals between sets doing little chores here and there haha

I’m always about finding the positives in not what is negative about a situation, but what the possibilities may be! For me the possibilities have turned into:

-as mentioned, a clean house

-dance parties between sets

-my partner becoming motivated by seeing me workout

-playing with my dogs in between sets (keeping them entertained)

-wearing whatever I want (no pants dance some days)

-blasting whatever music I like with no headphones

-taking selfies and videos when I get inspiration (without the embarrassment)

-going the extra mile due to extra time (save time on the commute)

I know many of us lack the heavy weights which we loved or utilizing our favourite machines but this also causes us to mix things up, to increase volume, and to try new exercises hitting different muscle groups.

My favourite at home equipment:

-glute band!

-long band


-good quality yoga matt

-stability ball or bosu ball

Surprisingly you can do a whole lot with just these things. Even better if you can get a good universal set of dumbbells or a barbell with some easy take on, take off, weights.

The most important concept with working out at home is doing the exercises you like, picking the equipment you like to use, and making every workout your own and making it fun!

If you are struggling with what to do or where to go for new workouts that you will enjoy, seek out a personal trainer! A lot of us are highly motivated, right now especially, and committed to put our all into making great programs for our clients especially in this time of crisis.

Hope your making a new at home workout playlist as we speak:)


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Health and fitness enthusiast. Believer in seeing all things as energy. Mission to inspire and transfer positive energy to elevate peoples lives. Actively practicing autosuggestion and manifestation.

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Love working out at home, for all the reasons you mentioned. Since Covid I’ve made the basement into a fitness room, incorporating my bands, weights, Nordic track among other things. Might need a few fresh ideas for power sets!

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