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Intensity: This week I pushed myself hard during my workouts regardless of being stuck isolating. My workouts were planned to be the hardest yet over these last two weeks and I have definitely felt that. My cardio has been challenging because I will honestly admit my nutrition hasn’t been as great, and I’ve also felt that during my fasted runs in the am. This entire week I would rate my intensity a 7/10.

Motivation: My motivation has been great because I knew my nutrition was going to suffer this week. I have been getting my exercise done first thing in the morning after my coffee and I really enjoy this routine. Getting my exercise in and out of the way has made it also easier and more habitual. My motivation to exercise has been a 9/10.

Lessons: Commitment is my big lesson this week. After finishing off my second phase of triathlon training (of 5 phases), it is feeling quite rewarding to stay committed to a workout plan for a long period of time. Each of my phases or training blocks are six weeks long. So twelve weeks is 3 whole months of training for a specific goal. Think of what you could accomplish in three months if you stuck to your initial plan!? 

One of the big values I hold, is staying accountable to myself and my plans. At the end of the day I made the plan to do this triathlon and train as hard as I can for it. So I’m not going to let even a move across the country hold me back. I will keep my self integrity in this goal and carry out what I set out to do! This is what being committed is all about. 

Being committed is also about delaying gratification. There have been periods where I have thought that changing up the workout, doing less cardio might feel good at the time or just skipping a week all together for the excuse of being too busy might make my life easier. But I try to stay focused on the outcome because that’s where the “money feeling” of pride and accomplishment will come from. I know that the reward we work hard for and wait patiently for is going to be the best one.

Here are four ideas that make staying committed easier:

  1. Have a plan – this takes the guess work out so all you have to do is take action.
  2. Have a backup plan – think about all the roadblocks and barriers to your goals and come up with a backup plan to get it done.
  3. Delay gratification – outweigh the seemingly short term rewards for that “big win”.
  4. Think about the end game – rather than dreading the workout in front of you picture yourself where you will be in a month, two months, or more and focus on that feeling.

Staying committed doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m not saying it’s easy because there are many hardships along the way, but getting through the hard stuff, the lack of motivation, the soreness, the mental warfare, are what helps you to grow. The hard stuff is always the most rewarding, getting yourself out of bed at 5 am, running when you feel bogged down, choosing to workout over scrolling through social media or watching TV, these are all things that will be worth it over time.

At the end of the day choose to stay committed to yourself, your health, your goals, passions, and dreams. We only have one life and one body so dream big and make taking care of yourself your number one commitment!


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