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How to Utilize Vacation for your Fitness Goals

In order to progress, fitness and conditioning, wise our bodies need progressive overload. Progressive overload is “the consistent adaptation of our fitness regime to increase intensity and /or difficulty in order to avoid plateaus”.

If your routines or regimes are always the same you will get the same results and potentially even move backwards in your conditioning related to metabolic adaptation. Our bodies are very smart and they will adapt. Our muscles have memory and learn and grow easily at first; therefore we need to constantly keep them guessing. Mixing things up is necessary in both exercise and nutrition. 

When it comes to nutrition we don’t use the word progressive overload but rather metabolic adaptation. So if you consistently eat the same caloric amounts you will continue to maintain what you have. If your regularly eating too much your body will gain weight. If your constantly eating too little your metabolism will eventually adapt and slow down to hold on to those calories for “survival”. There is a very fine balance especially if you want to make positive changes to your body.

It can be quite frustrating to feel as though you work hard everyday and follow your diet everyday and not see results. What we have learned through research and science based studies is that we need to mix things up and trick our bodies and metabolism so they do not become complacent. Our very DNA wants to maintain and stay the same and every individual has a weight and physique that their body is comfortable with. The body will adapt to maintain this comfort zone.

So when it comes to vacationing we can use this whole process to our advantage. The key is to work hard before AND after your much needed time off. At the end of the day consistency and resilience are the name of the game. 

Once you have a vacation or set days off it is important to start planning your exercise regime around those dates. 1) First off you must either set a goal or have an idea as to what is important to you. Do you have goals to lose weight? Goals to build muscle? Or even goals to maintain your physique? If none of these goals are sounding great to you and you want to just enjoy and splurge on your vacation, that’s okay too. Just make sure your going to do what’s consistent with what you say and what makes you happiest.

Next you must look at your timeline. How long is it until vacation? 

My general rule of thumb is to do a 5-6 week exercise regime before mixing it up to something different based on goals. 2) So plan your programs accordingly or seek out a personal trainer and notify them of your vacation so they can plan according to this. 

For nutrition based on your goals you want to work with your metabolism. 3) If your goals are weight loss OR maintenance make sure your eating at a calorie deficit prior to vacation. 

Plan to work really hard especially two weeks out from vacation. Get to the gym and work at high intensity. Keep your nutrition on point. Continue to remind yourself that you will enjoy vacation just that much more when you feel you earned it. 

When the big day has come your vacation is going to act as your diet break. Keep in mind how long you are vacationing for. You don’t want to completely fall off the wagon or reverse all your hard work because that can be super taxing on your mental health. Your vacation can be used to “mix things up” just as I explained before. We can give our bodies and muscles a break from the heavy training. We can give our metabolisms a little boost by consuming more calories than normal. 

I suggest to still be conscious of how your diet is going to make you feel. You want to feel guilt and shame free but you want to treat yourself as well because you earned it. Consider what treats are going to be worth it and what’s going to make you feel your best. I wouldn’t suggest completely bingeing and splurging on anything and everything because again we want to keep our mental health in good shape as well. Because I do flexible dieting on vacation I non strictly track my calories and protein just to give myself an idea of how much I’m eating and staying consistent with my protein intake.

If your vacationing longer than one week it might be a good idea to have a separate plan to introduce exercise back in after the first week or continue to do some form of exercise here and there just for your mental well being. There’s a lot of great bodyweight workouts or workouts using minimal equipment out there. Even planning to do a little cardio here and there can prevent a depressed state upon return to real life.

When returning from vacation it’s important to get back into a regular exercise regime with hopefully some new motivation. It’s not easy and it takes resilience on your part but remind yourself you are worth being taken care of. You deserve to feel your best and exercise is the BEST medicine. Get back into a good diet and give your body what it needs to meet your goals. And most importantly keep crushing it!


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Flexible Dieting

In my opinion, flexible dieting is one of the most sustainable ways to eat while staying consistent with your long term health goals. It’s non restrictive and allows for a wide variety of food options as a matter of fact any food is fair game!

Flexible dieting is where you count the amounts of macronutrients you eat and aim to hit certain numbers in a given day. There are three macronutrients which are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Everybodies macronutrient daily numbers should be individualized based on your goals, body weight, lean body mass, age, and gender. While it may seem frustrating or down right annoying to count your intake, it is by far the most efficient way to “diet” or eat in order to achieve your fitness or potentially weight loss goals. 

If you can commit to counting your intake religiously for a good year by making it a habit you will then find it becomes second nature. You will start to become an expert at how many calories are in this? Or how much of this item is too much? How can I balance this delicious ice cream cone into my day without the guilt of over eating? I promise you will begin to feel like you have good control over what and how much you can eat that makes you look and feel your absolute best. And hit those goals of course!

What tends to happen when people try out a new fad diet is they begin the diet no problem. They last maybe a couple weeks, sometimes a month, or sometimes even a whole year, then the diets over. Yes maybe they lost some weight but the diet was too much and not sustainable therefore they go back to their old habits. Guess what comes back with the old habits? The weight. This happens too often and people are tricked into trying these miracle quick fixes to lose weight. 

There is no magic as much as we want to believe it. There is no quick fixes. Sustainability is the key. Not the magic key. The key. 

With flexible dieting you can essentially eat whatever you want. You can’t eat how MUCH you want because portion control is always important but whatever food items you enjoy the most. As long as it all fits into your daily macronutrient count. 

The problem though with eating only sugary, empty calorie foods with low micronutrient content is that it does not fill you up and it does not give you all the nutrients you need. Yes you can squeeze in a daily treat or two but to only eat junk is not sustainable either in the long run. It’s also important to eat a sufficient amount of protein and fibre in a day. Our bodies crave nutrients and a lot of our bodily systems rely on specific vitamins and minerals to function properly. Therefore eating a diet with a wide variety and diversity of nutrients is best! No food is off limits.

To figure out your macronutrient count for day to day I suggest seeking out a professional who is trained in this area. There are plenty of calculators online but these will be more rough estimates. There’s nothing wrong with trial and error as well. You can set your macros and try it out for a couple weeks. If your not feeling your best or happen to gain some weight maybe scale your numbers back a little bit. It’s always going to be a journey and not a race.

It has taken me sometime to get my numbers just right and my numbers are just for maintenance so not looking to lose or gain any weight. I’ve been able to stay pretty stable at the weight I am for quite some time and I feel great too. I have set my numbers a little lower than maintenance to rule in days that I may over indulge or have a social event therefore it minimizes my risk of overeating throughout the entire week. Here is an example eating day for me with my individualized numbers.

Calories 2000 – Protein 110 – Carbs 234 – Fat 69

Meal #1 —403 Calories

 2 pieces of whole wheat toast

2 over easy eggs

2 pieces of deli turkey

1 handful of spinach

Carbs 44.7 Fat 14.8 Protein 30.2

Meal #2 —367.5 Calories

3 oz Grilled Chicken

4 cups romaine lettuce

100g baby tomatoes

50g cucumbers

1 tbsp homemade Cesar dressing

½ whole wheat naan 

Carbs 34.4 Fat 15.5 Protein 22.4

Meal #3 —342.5 Calories

½ whole wheat naan 

3 oz grilled chicken

2 birthday Oreo cookies

2 frozen dates

Carbs 44 Fat 11.6 Protein 21.9

Meal #4 —427 Calories

Banana Chocolate Crunch Pudding

1 medium banana

1 tsp coconut oil

¼ cup buckwheat grouts

1 scoop chocolate vega protein and greens

Carbs 64.6 Fat 9.8 Protein 28.6

Meal #5 —-355 Calories

2 Gluten free blueberry eggo waffles

½ cup blueberries

1 tbsp wowbutter

1 boiled egg

Carbs 47.8 Fat 14.4 Protein 9.1

Total Calorie Count for the day 1916

Total Cabrohydrates 233g

Total Fat 65g

Total Protein 112g

These are example foods from a day of eating for me. I’d like to reiterate that these are my individualized numbers based on my goals, weight, lean body mass, age, and gender. And that everybody’s numbers will be different based on these categories. For help finding your macro nutrient numbers seek out a professional to do so! (DM or e-mail me through my contacts page if interested in my services to find your numbers).

Hope this is a good reference and I hope I inspired you all to start eating what you want and to throw those fad diets out the window!

Much Love


Life Hacks

History of Frecklefit

Welcome to my official blog! So excited to have you here and equally as excited that I get to share tons of great information on health and fitness with you all. Health and fitness to me involves mind, body, and soul. Therefore I want to dive deep into ALL aspects of being a healthy happy human being.

I created frecklefit at the end of 2017 as an instagram account. What lead me to start a fitness account was a mental shift that I had experienced earlier in the year. It started with wanting to lose 5-10 pounds simply because I wanted to start to look the way that I felt. So I started educating myself on how I could achieve this goal (exercise and nutrition).

I soon discovered that the way that I felt could be improved as well. I had never realized before that I wasn’t living up to my potential. I had never realized my confidence wasn’t up to par with what it should be and most of all I never realized that I could do and be anything that I wanted to be… I used to feel which I know many other people feel, that I had to pick between “having fun” and “being healthy”. I discovered and learned that you can have it all.

It was through reading and learning that I felt this amazing empowerment and seeing myself grow and move forward rather than being complacent with my life. I knew I was on to something bigger and better than I ever imagined and I truly want to help other people see the bigger picture as well.

I started sharing information that helped me grow. I had tons of new knowledge, workouts that kicked my ass but felt amazing, and new ways to eat healthy without the restrictions and guilt I always use to feel. I want to share everything. Because I want people to feel about themselves the way I feel about the new me.

The Old Me

March 31st 2017

What gets me the most about this picture is my face… I can look into the eyes of me from 2017 and remember that girl. I can say that the new me has changed significantly since then. 

From the eyes of me in this picture I will say that I was getting pretty bored with life. I felt I had nothing left to achieve because I have a nursing degree and a good paying job. I came home at the end of the day and yes I did exercise but I didn’t fully enjoy it. I ate whatever I wanted and enjoyed cooking but often felt food shame and guilt at the end of the day. I watched a lot of TV and movies and often smoked weed to shut my brain off as it was too loud with irrational thoughts. I was not super confident with my body and felt like my body should look better because I had exercised regularly. I drank alcohol to spice up what always felt like a boring day off from work hoping it would lead to some fun ideas. I hated flossing (the teeth kind) and vowed I never would because I go to the dentist often enough lol. I bought myself cheap things to save money and would never fathom shelling out money on health products or educational courses to invest in myself. I figured my next step in life will be to get married and have kids.

Me Today

September 19 2019

It’s 2019 not quite three years later… Life is busy and I’m always on the move. I currently have three projects going at once plus I now work full time as a nurse. I have so many goals and dreams that it scares me that I will run out of time. I am killing it in the gym and am obsessed with working out and how it makes me feel. I am highly organized and have a great system for buying healthy foods and prepping. I am an amazing cook and am devoted to eating healthy 80% of the time. I indulge every single day on something sweet or savoury that is not considered “healthy”. I have zero food shame. I am an expert at knowing what is in my food and how much will be enough to satisfy me. When I’m not at work I am walking my dogs, at the gym, reading, or writing. I also meditate daily. I am currently working on my first book AND a cook book. I am a certified personal trainer and did the course out of pure enjoyment of learning. I am so confident in my body but more importantly in who I have become. I rarely drink alcohol but when I do it’s to celebrate something special and I never over do it because I made a promise to myself that hangovers will never be apart of my life again. I treat vacations or days off as time to regroup and get creative and motivated for new ideas. I floss every single day (teeth and the dance sometimes to for fun)! I buy myself good quality things that will last longer periods of time and often invest in myself when buying things. I get collagen protein delivered to my door every two months and use it often in my coffee to make the BEST creamy protein coffees at work. I have no clue what my next step in life will be but I know it’s going to big and amazing.

If I can help or inspire at least one person per post at a time in their life where they may need it then all the sharing I am doing will be so worth it for me. What started out as a recipe and workout account has turned into so much more for me. While ideas for workouts and recipes are great; I love honing in on the mental aspect of fitness because at the end of the day it’s what makes or breaks us.

Hope you enjoy my posts and become inspired to grow and learn just like I did!

Much Love!