Hard truths

Ongoing Learning

You would think that after writing a freaking book about the importance of learning always, that I wouldn’t have to constantly check myself… Well, what I have to say about that, is sometimes in life there are lessons that we have to keep learning over and over again.

The reason I am writing this blog today is to remind you to keep yourself accountable to your own learning! I have been dedicated to reading for the last few months which I am very proud of. I know now that when I’m at a stagnant point in my life where I just don’t know what the next step will be, that I need to pick up a damn book. So I’ve read many actually in the last few weeks which have been amazing.

I wrote a blog last week about how I’m going to be participating in a triathlon this year and thought that I would be competent enough to create my own training schedule. Now in my defence it’s not that I wouldn’t be totally competent to do this and train hard and complete the race and feel good. The mindset shift that I have been discovering lately is that I don’t want to just “do good”. I want to do fucking great and so should you!

Life isn’t about choosing to do something, putting half effort in, and settling for finishing the job. When you have a desire, something that you really enjoy or love doing, something that you want to prove to yourself and be proud of, you don’t half ass it… (end of story).

As much as I loved making the training schedule for my triathlon and will probably use but modify, what do I actually know about training for a triathlon? (lol). I’ve never done one before, hell I don’t even know how to swim properly!

So here I am pulling my head out of my ass again and diving into a book! I talk about this concept a lot in the book I published, The Frecklefit Mindset. It’s impossible to know everything. It’s impossible to completely and totally master anything as well. There is ALWAYS room for improvement, which is an amazing concept when you think about it. This means there is always room for growth and with growth comes a sense of accomplishment, a sense of self worth, and a sense of pride in ones self!

So I bought this really awesome book called, Strength Training for Triathletes: The complete program to build triathlon power, speed, and muscular endurance. Let me say I am completely obsessed with it already, which is a good sign that I am just following my passions and desires.

This is what I have come to realize about figuring out your life piece by piece:

  1. Create self awareness: When you are doing certain things/tasks/jobs, ask yourself, am I enjoying this? How am I feeling right now? Do I love what I am doing?
  2. When you find something you love read a book about it! Increase your knowledge base on the subject, get all obsessy and let it light a fire inside you.
  3. Take action! Continue to do the things that fill your heart. Learn more about it and just do it:)

Hope I have encouraged you all to buy that book you’ve been thinking about or just do the damn thing you’ve been contemplating!

Now go get em!


Hard truths

I Quit My Job…

Oh my… I’ve really gone and done it this time. I legit quit my job. I started this job with so much damn hope, excitement, enthusiasm. I remember just a month ago I posted on Facebook “I can’t remember the last time I was disappointed to have a day off, so grateful”. Well there’s only one thing I can really say to that and it’s L.O.L.

The problem with me you see is I’m great at motivating people to live their dreams, reach for the stars, do what makes you happy and passionate but do you think I ever take my own dang advice?

Yes the job made me happy at first. But then the workload pilled on… then more workload pilled on and it escalated and escalated where I literally never had a day off because my days off were the team staff meeting days and you’re always expected to check you e-mails just in case there is problems with your primary clients and sometimes you fill a report out wrong or it’s denied and it just.. never.. ended.

It was not my expectation for this job to consume my entire life as I have soooo any other dreams and goals so I asked myself what the hell am I doing? I wrote a freakin book about living your life passions so why am I not taking my own advice?

So I quit. But I didn’t fail because failing is never trying to begin with. I will never stop hunting for the job that gets me excited at the beginning of each day and that’s a promise I made to myself.

I love being a nurse it’s true. I am also damn good at being a nurse and very well educated. But I also love fitness, I love training, I love nutrition and I want to help people get healthy and stay healthy and that is my mission and purpose. I will find a way to do this and it’s going to take time, tears, frustration, and hard work because no road leading to anything good is perfectly paved.

We have to make mistakes, we have to ride those learning curves, but more importantly we have to keep going when we hit turmoil.

From now on I am listening to my own advice! I hope you all feel empowered and join me in reaching for the stars! If you don’t know where to start my book is coming out in a few short weeks. Start there:)

xoxoxo Frecklefit

Hard truths

Weight Fluctuations and Self Esteem

I announced a couple weeks ago that I started a reverse diet and that it’s the first time I have ever felt mentally able to reverse diet.

A reverse diet is a strategic way of eating where you increase your calories conservatively over an extended period of time for a multitude of reasons. The reasons I had to start a reverse diet were:

1) Increase energy as the calories I was using for maintenance was leaving me with a lack of energy and feeling hungry.

2) I wanted to fix my libido (can lose libido from being too lean).

3) To get rid of food shame as I would often feel guilt from eating slightly over maintenance, even when I felt hungry.

Reverse dieting helps you revamp or enhance your metabolism so that you don’t gain a bunch of unwanted weight (but can cause you to gain some) by increasing caloric intake which is why it must be strategic and conservative.

*To learn more I suggest purchasing The Complete Guide to Reverse Dieting by Layne Norton and Holly Baxter*

I want to open up and be honest about the last couple days because I almost quit my reverse for psychological reasons. I had a day where I was super bloated and my mindset went back to a place that I had worked so hard to come out of.

Before I really started to educate myself on nutrition and the physiology of the body when we eat I used to judge myself solely on what I seen in the mirror from day to day. This meant if there was a day I was bloated I automatically assumed I gained weight. I would self shame then try to immediately fix the problem.

So when my mind went back to this place a couple days ago I took a step back, looked back at all of what I have learned about weight fluctuations and traced back to what had caused the bloat.

The day before I looked at my tracker and counted how many grams of fibre I took in and it was over 40g. The target number for grams of fibre for a female my age is 25g. So I had almost doubled my fibre intake that day which caused a severe bloat that lasted almost two days.

So what I did to come back to the place that I worked hard to get to mentally was:

I educated myself.

I practiced self affirmations and reminded myself of all the hard work I do and why my body is beautiful no matter what.

I got my mental state back on track before I made any rash decisions.

Because of focusing on the mental stuff I decided I am going to continue with my reverse for the sole reason that where my thinking went is the same thinking that happens to so many people when they don’t see immediate results and it always leads to failure.

It’s the kind of thinking that causes people to quit. To quit their diet, quit their reverse, quit eating healthy, whatever it may be. They don’t delay gratification instead look for short term rewards or results.

I can’t stress enough of the part patience plays in goal setting. You have to trust the system and trust that what you’re doing is going to work if you just carry on and stay consistent.

If you just keep on track and keep working hard and stay resilient when you slip up you will see results and you will grow into the person you’ve always wanted to become. You will see success and your life will change for the better.

Things that can cause potential short term weight fluctuations:

-fibre intake

-excessive water intake

-sodium intake

-high carbohydrate intake

-menstrual cycle

So please please please don’t give up on your goals because you aren’t seeing instant results. These things don’t happen over night and take pure consistency and time. Love yourself and be kind to yourself every step of the way.



Hard truths

What it Takes to Stay in Shape When Life Gets Crazy

For the past few weeks my whole world and routine has been flipped and juggled around. I’ve spent my time travelling, packing, and unpacking again. Every day has been super busy, something different, and filled with adventure.

I used to be the kind of person who would take this time to give up my habits and completely just let go of taking care of myself fully. In the past this has led to feelings of disappointment in myself, feeling myself become sluggish, and my wheels constantly spinning at all hours of the day on how I was going to get out of the rut.

When I finally got to the point of forcing myself to eat better and forcing myself to workout again it would take me quite sometime to feel like me again.

Now that I realize the importance of taking care of yourself always, no excuses, I will take the time to pre plan ways I can make sure to keep my health my number one priority.

Health for me means moving my body, eating a well balanced diet, and taking time to meditate. So I made plans to get these things into my day with ease.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to eat healthy all the time. Cooking healthy food and preparing snacks takes extra time and planning. Figuring out your workouts and carving out time in the day can feel like a daunting task. It’s also hard sometimes to get the workout in or get moving when you’ve been sedentary for too long.

But in the long run it really makes your life easier to plan and keeping up with your exercise can help you feel your best. Trust me, it’s worth the persistence, dedication, and work that it takes.

I know all this planning seems like a lot of work but it’s important to really think of what your trying to accomplish, what kind of lifestyle you want for yourself, and how you can stay healthy and be the best version of yourself no matter what life throws at you.

I feel like I’m rolling into this new province and this new chapter with a lot to give to other people including good energy and really positive perspective on life. This is only through taking care of myself first that I am able to provide this.

For those of you interested in reviewing my planning process for this move I have copied it below. It has ideas for snacks and meals on the go. Also great strategies for bulk grocery shopping.



My game plan for two weeks of limbo

Week 1


For three days of travel we decided to do breakfasts at Tim Hortons but besides that I had prepared three days worth of road snacks: (primarily to avoid fast food but also saves money)

8 small deli meat wraps

Beet Good thin Crackers (Portioned the box into three separate baggies, 1 for each day)

Babybel Cheese

Portioned Dark Chocolate (1/3 of the bar each day)

One Protein Bars

Four large Homemade Protein Rice Krispie Treats

Protein Powder for shakes

Three baggies of raw veggies (1 for each day)

Mandarin Oranges

Once we made it to our destination (day three) I hit the grocery store right away. I picked up one week worth of food which included plenty of protein sources and produce. I planned my breakfasts to be something I could have everyday (that I enjoyed) and came up with the rest on the fly with what I had.

The next day I made sure to cut up and prep all the veggies so they would be ready for anything I decided to cook. Also did a lot of snacking on raw veggies and dip.

Some example easy meals I cooked up in our cabin were:

-Stirfrys with rice

-Grilled chicken salad

-Grilled ham and cheese with veggies and dip on the side

-Ground turkey with rice and steamed veggies


I planned to meditate first thing in the morning after letting the dogs out to pee while Blair was still sleeping. This worked out great for me and decided to continue this morning routine throughout the chaos.


Prior to the big move I made a six week workout program for myself consisting of minimal equipment. The program required my yoga mat, my 25lb kettlebell, my long band, and my glute band.

Having your workouts ready is a great way to take the anxiety of working out away. You have a set plan right in front of you and you stick to that. There are wonderful apps out there now that will do the same if you struggle with workouts.

I knew getting the workout in would be hard when travelling so I gave myself a good solid five days off initially and stuck to just walking the dogs rather than working out. I also did a good stretch every morning after my meditations prior to travelling.

As soon as we got settled into our destination I planned out where, how, and when I was going to start working out. I started on a day where we finally had a lull from all the driving.

Week 2:


Week 2 now had me travelling away for work for days at a time to a small town with no take out, drive thrus, or restaurants. I literally HAD to bring my own food or I would have been SOL. Planning this was easier than I thought but I made it a little more complicated just for the mere fact I wanted to eat certain things (sweet potato wedges).

I prepped for my three days away at work and here is what I brought:

-jug of protein powder



-prepped turkey bacon

-prepped sweet potato

-1 sandwich

-1 prepped breakfast sandwich

-2 portions of broccoli slaw marinated in dressing

-soup at hand



-bags of raw veggies to munch on

The food I picked up while at the cabin luckily lasted us well into week 2 of limbo and my road meals. Once we ate up the last bit of veg I was off for a second grocery run. Now that we were settled into one destination for the month I stocked up for a good 2-3 weeks worth of food.

I focused on cheap/on sale fresh proteins to eat within days then picked protein I could portion and freeze. I also bought all the produce. Planned what I could eat within the week then also what I could freeze for later use.


Still stuck to my morning coffee and meditate.


Because my workouts were all planned for a while the only planning I had to do was decide what days worked best with my schedule and make sure I had my equipment with me. For the three days I was away I had to bring my gear with me to my hotel room. You just have to do what you have to do sometimes to stay consistent.


I’ve made it through my two weeks of uncertainty and adventure and I feel great physically and mentally. I will give 100% credit to the planning and prep that I had done. Also reminding myself often of “my why” in order to continue sticking to my plans to stay healthy.

Hard truths

Finding Balance

Beer versus lettuce

I’ve realized lately how important the concept of finding balance is in our everyday lives. Having the right amount of balance improves our mood therefore improving our thoughts generating more positivity. It helps us think more clearly. It helps our bodies feel good. It helps with our self confidence. It helps us feel our best.

Life is full of mini balancing acts. Not just in one area either. It’s one thing to find balance during the everyday grind but that’s just one balancing act. The other acts include, when you are on vacation. When a big life event happens. When you change up the everyday grind, maybe by getting a different job. When you have children. There are so many ways that life changes on you and each and every time you have to find a new way to balance. 

So what exactly do we have to balance? 

We have to balance our diet and nutrition by finding foods we really enjoy but that also make us feel good. We have to balance the quantity of food by eating the right amounts to feel our best physically. We have to balance the amount of movement we do, not exercise to exhaustion but getting in the right amount to feel the benefits from it. We have to balance how we spend our time, getting good quality time in learning and enhancing our brains before letting our brains get completely consumed in a TV show or movie. These are just examples but there are so many other things in life we can balance.

These are the kinds of things I’ve been working at balancing during my work weeks but I will admit this vacation that I am on took me a few days to get into a good balance. I find now that I have all these great habits that sometimes when I do go on vacation it is hard for me to loosen up and enjoy eating more calorie dense food that I’m used to without the guilt trips.

Sometimes when I do have a little bit too much to drink I completely tip to the other side of the scale of things and lose my inhibitions and rationale. This leads to big feelings of regret and shame the next day for me especially when I get hungover and feel like shit. It took me a while to adjust to what and how much to eat so I’m still in “vacation mode” but not overdoing it where I feel like absolute crap.

When I’m on vacation I just want to enjoy every second and feel full feelings of gratitude so spending my days hungover is just not something I would like to experience anymore. Call it age, call it maturity, call it whatever you want but when you know you just know. Life is too short to waste the day.

Usually when changing up my routine it takes me a few days to figure it out. I’ve come to realize that this is okay and it’s normal for it to take some time. Especially at the age I am at in life balancing takes a lot more time because it becomes more important. When I was younger I just wanted to party hard and eat like shit and be as lazy as possible and it never bothered me because I valued that wild side so much and never felt the amazing feelings that I do now of just being me, feeling great, sober, and embracing the little blessings life brings.

I value the work I’ve put into my health, my body, and my mindset too much now to just let it all go. But at the same time every once in a while it feels good to loosen up my self discipline a bit and truly vacation. 

I have found a great balance here on my trip. I mix my everyday values with a vacation style to treat myself everyday. I move and exercise every morning and have a healthy breakfast and lunch in order to feel great and deserving of chilling in the evening and having a few beverages. I’ll admit I had a night where I drank way too much but I quickly learned from it the next day and have found balance in this regard as well. I’m having a great time and staying true to myself and that’s what life is all about!

I hope you never feel ashamed of finding balance and know that it is something that you have to work at and sometimes it takes time, trial, and error to figure it out.

Heres to juggling life and enjoying it to the fullest!


Hard truths

Inspiration from Injury

When I first found out I had a cyst on my hip that was going to require workout modification my immediate reaction was to panic. I feared that falling out of my routine would cause weight gain, muscle loss, and lack of motivation. I feared that if I slowed down or dialed things back my mental health would suffer. I was way more worried about what would happen to me mentally rather than physically.

I’m proud to say I persevered through this time. I took this injury as a sign from my body that maybe I wasn’t doing the right exercises for my body and that maybe my routines didn’t match up with what was best for me. I took this injury and stayed positive and turned it into something that I know was meant to happen.

Because I was self aware of my fears right off the bat I made a plan for my mental health. My usual methods of coping always include working hard at the gym but what I hadn’t realized before is that it wasn’t all about these big heavy intense gym sessions but just moving my body and getting into a certain head space that brings my enthusiasm for life.

I tried to keep my mindset at making sure I was getting some exercise, any exercise. I reminded myself that the only way I was going to heal and get better from my injury was to be careful and not to push myself so any light exercise is better than nothing at all. I set move goals for myself and listened to my body and honestly just talked nice to myself A LOT. I used self affirmations and encouraged myself. I reminded myself that I AM enough, regardless of what I was able to physically do.

I also focused on NUTRITION. I tried my best not to over eat and only ate foods that fit my macros and made me feel good about my decisions. I slipped up a few times because it was the holidays and because everyone slips up. But I’ve been getting better and better at forgiving myself and moving on and learning from these slip ups and why they happen. There is usually always a reason for overeating so if you can find that reason prior to bingeing or indulging you can gain more control.

I feel as though my mental strength just keeps growing and growing. It comes with time and practice and patience. It’s worlds better than what it used to a few years ago when I was riddled with self doubt and constantly questioning myself. It’s something I have achieved because I put myself first and make it a priority to grow. 

I find that set backs always make me stronger so anytime something happens such as an injury or an emotional event that causes me to second guess my goals or routines, I feel inspired. When you develop the mindset that things happen for you and not to you then you can use this as fuel!

Fuel for your mind and body can come in many forms if you choose to utilize it. Fuel is just another word for energy and it really is what you make of it.

Things that have worked for me over time is using whatever I can as fuel or energy, talking nice to myself, and learning to gain self control by becoming more self aware of my routines and habits.

Hope you all can find this information useful and start building momentum from your set backs and learning experiences!



Hard truths

Consistency is the Key

How do I make a positive change in my life? How do I create better habits? How can I work on living a healthier lifestyle? 

If you are asking yourself these questions let me help you get started. I truly believe that the first thing you need to look at if you are wanting to make a change is how you are going to stay consistent. Consistency and sustainability are the two most important qualities in achieving a healthy lifestyle. 

Consistency is sticking to something despite everything. Despite ANY excuses or any adversity you remain consistent with your habits. 

So if you want to become healthier or make a positive lifestyle change, you first need to REALIZE that consistency is the most important aspect. It’s not a different diet you are going to eat or a new “superior” exercise regime. Finding something you can be the most consistent with (preferably something you enjoy) is the most important thing.

But it’s hard to just change a lifestyle, pattern, or routine. It’s hard to just change an ingrained habit. So how do we make a change and continue this day after day, month after month, and year after year? 

Well the good news is that after you have reached a certain time threshold (this will be different for everyone), your new routine will start to become a new habit and it will get easier. But it doesn’t mean you won’t have to continue to work on willpower or motivation. It will be a constant journey with no finish line and you just have to embrace this idea.

When you first start a new change you MUST be patient. Nothing drastic and great comes over night. Plus take into account that consistency is something that is built up over time. Although results may not come right away, they WILL if you stick with it – I promise.

Here is a five step activity that will help you find the motivation for change and can help you stick with something new when you’re having a hard time.

One: Visualize yourself in six months or beyond that. Imagine what kind of person you can become if you treat yourself and your body better. Think about these questions: How would it feel if you lose that extra weight you have been wanting to lose for years? Think about the feeling of loving every inch of your body? Think about how it would feel to have only positive thoughts about yourself and 100% believing in yourself? Think about being the person you ALWAYS wanted to be? How would these things feel for you? In what ways would you change the way you see yourself or talk to yourself? 

Two: Now write the answers to these questions down. I’m serious! Grab a pen and write down specifically what your future would look like and how you would feel if you changed.

Three: Now write down your why. Why do you feel like you need to change? Everyones got a reason to get into better shape or decide to change their diet. Could be for your kids. Could be constant feelings of inadequacy. Could be because you suffer from a mental illness and you’re looking for better ways to cope. Everyone has got there why. So what is yours?

Four: Now for the heavier stuff. Write down how you feel after overeating. How does it feel to wake up the next day after a night of crushing as much food as you can? How does it feel after ordering and eating the extra large portion rather than the small? How does it feel to not drink enough water and KNOW that you ate way too much food? How does it feel to decide to skip out on exercise and stay on the couch?

*If these kinds of things are positive feelings for you then that is OKAY there could be no need to make a change in your life if you are happy. Just keep feeling those positive emotions! At the end of the day we just want positivity and happiness in our lives. But if these questions are negatively affecting your life then try to remember that the next time you’re faced with a choice.

It’s really NOT about looking better, it’s all about FEELING better. So asking yourself these questions will help you understand how you feel in hopes to start feeling better about yourself and feeling better about your life. Then you can start working towards your dreams, crushing your goals, and be that role model for so many others in your life that may need it.

Five: The last thing I want you to write down is what you can do TODAY to help achieve your future goals. You can write this down everyday if it keeps you focused. This will help you focus on things one day at a time. If you are caught up too much in the future you think too much of how hard things are going to be, you’re never going to develop the self awareness of how you feel at that moment. It makes it harder to practice the will power and discipline today if your mind isn’t “in” today or the present moment.

These visualizations and questions can absolutely help you stay consistent. Staying mentally focused and driven is something that many people forget they have to work on BEFORE starting or incorporating a healthy lifestyle change and habits. Being self aware is also so important. When deciding to live a healthier lifestyle many people will bounce from one fad diet or experiment to the next with failure after failure. When failures occur it makes it so hard to continue.

There are only three things that I personally need to do in order to have a great day and I remind myself of these every morning: drink 3-4 litres of water, move (could be a walk, could be the gym, could be taking the stairs more), meditate.

Work on the mental part first. It is so very important. Do my five step activity first before looking at new diets or new workouts. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt! You are way stronger than you think, you just have to find it up top first!

Love Frecklefit

Hard truths

Give the Gift of Health

You would be surprised at the number of people who would choose a healthier option for a meal, snack, or dessert if presented to them (and if just as delicious). The reality is that eating healthy can be quite time consuming, tedious, and not very transportable or made available. And lets be honest, if it is available somewhere it’s twice the price… (cue eye roll).

Our society can make it so tough sometimes and ESPECIALLY around the holidays. Often the stores are flooded with treats, chocolate, candies, carbs, cheese, and don’t forget the horrendous figgy pudding lol. These items are not only stocked to the max in stores but put right up front, readily available and right…before…your…eyes.

This also makes it tough when travelling during the holidays because you are not at home cooking and relying on either others to prepare your food or you are eating out which has challenges in and of it’s own.

In these situations being prepared is always your best option. Taking time for yourself to move, breathe, and be still is always very important as well. I know often we have a hard time making ourselves a priority with so much going on. Delicious food seems to be the most easy way to cope.

But what if there was magically healthier options? What if we take time out of the equation? Money out of the equation? and painfully tedious tasks such as chopping vegetables out? Better yet what if you could gift these options to somebody else? Tis the season for giving and spreading cheer right?

I bet you anyone can think of someone who is going through some shit this holiday season. Someone who’s having a baby? Someone who’s loved one is sick? Someone who is too lonely and socially anxious to leave the house?

You would be surprised how a good nutritious meal made with love could make someone feel!

I know not everyone chooses to focus on their health but if the option is there and the food or snack is STILL just as delicious what would you choose?

Sometimes it just takes one day of pumping the body full of vitamins and minerals to start to feel good again, get some energy back in the system, and gather some motivation to start treating yourself right!

Eating right isn’t about focusing on our appearance but it’s 100% practicing self care!

So next potluck you attend, next holiday meal you were asked to bring a side for, or next time a loved one is in need of a meal, choose to bring a little bit of health into someones life to show them you want to take care of them too. Leading by example sometimes is the best gift you can give someone.

Here are some of my healthy ideas I will be dropping off tonight:

Chocolate Hemp Protein Balls
One for me and one for someone in need
Pre make then add instructions to cook. They can freeze for later or make tonight!
Buckwheat Banana Muffins
Pre-made Soup Kit

Happy Holidays!


Hard truths

Short but Blissful Moments

Becoming a more positive person or changing your attitude to enjoy little things in life really takes practice. It doesn’t come overnight and involves rewiring your brain little bits at a time to focus on the JOY!

Here is an example of a moment for me that I decided to sit down write and soak it in:

“I’m just feeling so grateful in this moment. I’m sitting here at starbucks just like the good ole university days. Partly to get a change of scenery while writing my book and partly because I was craving a soy latte so bad! I apologize to all the current students reading this blog post but at the same time I don’t apologize because I want to describe a feeling you will once have too! Starbucks is flooded right now with students hunched over, papers scattered everywhere, highlight markings, and pens flying. It gave me a little bit of a nightmare at first remembering what it was like with that amount of stress trying to cram everything into my brain. But then I focused on how great it is to be at a place in my life where I can read, write, and learn about what I want without the stress of a final exam afterwards. How great it feels to sit here with my soy latte and just write my own book with no final grade, no restrictions or citations, and full out creativity on my own ideas.  I’m just on a gratitude cloud right now. I hope to possibly remind you all to feel those emotions when you’re having a great moment. Take a second to feel what it really feels like and let the good happy energy pulse through you.”

So once I noticed a gratitude cloud come over me, I soaked it in. I wrote it out so I could remember it further and bring my self back to this moment. The more little moments we have like these that we soak in, the more we can gather more joy out of our lives.

The more positive things we notice the more good positive energy we will bring in. Thoughts become things. So thinking positively will bring only good things to life. When bad things happen they happen for you and not to you because it was meant to be a life lesson.

Big things or big changes don’t necessarily have to happen to feel new joy in life. We should feel joy every single day. Majority of the time it’s going to be the little things, the realizations of all the things you have to be thankful for and being thankful for the opportunities you will have moving forward, that bring you true bliss.

So purposely find these little moments… Soak them in, take deep belly breathes, smile, and hold onto the emotions that are associated with how you are feeling in that moment. Over time your brain will rewire, your attitude for life will change for the better, and you will live a more joyous life.

“It is impossible to feel unhappy and grateful at the same time” – unknown


Hard truths

A Swift Kick in the Ass!

We often see people with new inspirations. New dreams and new goals. It’s exciting, it’s positive, and you only wish for their success. Then for some reason shit hits the fan and you see the light slowly start to dim on their once bright new goals. Dreams come crashing down. And it’s back to what always has been…

It is our excuses that constantly hold us back. Maybe it was a long vacation of “fuck it mode”, maybe it was a tragic event in your life, maybe it was a long exhausting stretch of shifts at work. Whatever that reason may be it is important to start being bigger than our excuses. No matter what!

If your going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. That’s all it comes down to. If you REALLY want to make a positive change, better yourself, or grow as a person you have to come back to today and back to the present moment.

The majority of us I find are either stuck in the past or fretting about the future. “Well I can’t do this because this happened to me” or “I’m going to be too busy taking care of this to do that”. But what about right now? What are you actually doing right now other than talking? 

I know it sounds rather harsh but our only way to come back to our goals is to stop talking and start doing… You have to come back to your goals and back to your dreams! The only way to get there is to ditch the excuses that are holding you back.

But if you’re 100% happy with you and what you’re doing for yourself right now, then great. Give yourself some recognition, be proud of yourself and SPREAD that positive self energy around and let people know YOU love YOU, and that you have worked hard and are a proud person so they have permission to succeed and love themselves. 

But if you aren’t happy or even have a seed of doubt in who you are becoming and feel negatively about your accomplishments then you need to stop talking and DO. Just take it one day at a time. Don’t be thinking about tomorrow. Don’t be thinking about one month from now UNLESS it’s going to motivate you to get at er. 

We all have the opportunity to work towards our goals and be the best we can be every single day. So what are you going to do TODAY, in this very moment to achieve, feel better about yourself, and grow as a person? Forget about how much you fucked up yesterday. Forget about all the mistakes you’re going to make moving forward because YOU will fuck up again that’s a guarantee. 

But how you are going to come back to you and your dreams is all that really honestly matters. Being resilient is coming back from your mishaps. Shaking it off. Finding new motivation. Asking yourself why and fighting for that why.

Now get back in the moment and go kill it, I know you can!