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Popular to current beliefs about the booty, having big strong buns can be super beneficial. With all the #bootygainz tags and posts about how aesthetically having a big behind can be appealing, the glutes and surrounding muscles pay a big role.

I learned this not only through my education as a personal trainer but through my own experience and injuries from other clients as well.

  1. I have been diagnosed with a hip impingement myself. After a sports doctor recommended some physio, much to my surprise the exercise prescription was glute work. I workout my glutes… a lot, is what I thought as she was teaching me exercises. But what I was failing to work on were the little high repetition glute movements that work the little muscles around the big gluteus maximus. I also wasn’t warming my glutes up enough before cardio sessions which I never knew was important before.
  2. Scenario two was a client of mine with bad sciatica and lower back pain. This wasn’t only one client though as I’ve been out in the nursing and personal training world I’ve come across a ton of people with lower back pain and sciatica. From my education on human movement and injuries I have learned about how much the muscle systems are connected through our fascial system. To put it in plan terms a chronic sore muscle is usually caused by a tight muscle and an opposing weak muscle. That being said the exercise prescription for a lot of lower back pain is building the glute muscles and stretching the abdominals.

I’ve learned through all of this just how important buns of steel may be. The glutes are considered one of the big muscle groups in the body. For this reason and for preventing injury sake, you should all make sure you have glute work in your resistance training programs (whether you’re male or female).

Some of my favourite glute exercises include:

-glute band side steps in squat position

-monster walks

-cha chas

-Side lying clam abductors

-Hip thrusts in various forms

Now go get your booty build on!


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