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Expectations (8)

Intensity: Overall intensity this week is a whopping 4/10. Not my best week but I did finish strong. Not very sore this week from my workouts but moving into more volume next week for some progressive overload which should increase my intensity. I also got in my three cardio sessions and running in the slushy snow definitely increases the intensity of my runs.

Motivation: This week started out very draggy. I had to draggg myself to workout and dragggg myself to run in the morning, but I did it, and it wasn’t pretty, until about mid week where I found my stride and finished the week off strong!

Lessons: This week I wanted to talk about expectations and how it can affect our mindset, motivation, and mental health. It is a lesson that I learned this week after a “not so healthy” weekend.

Over the weekend although I was able to get all my workouts and cardio in, I’ll admit I probably had a little bit too much to drink… and a little too much pizza and chips lol. But here I was expecting myself to not feel the guilt or feel it in my training sessions the following days to come. I naively expected that if I stuck true to my training I wouldn’t feel the affects from the poor nutritional choices. I was sadly mistaken and my training was definitely affected for days following.

I realize that in life as much as we strive to live a healthy lifestyle majority of the time, we need to live and enjoy our social life as well. I used to fight with the idea of being 100% healthy, sticking strictly to my health goals, being super lean, and never drinking alcohol again kind of life versus throwing it all away on weekends or social events eating what I want and drinking like a fish. I never thought it was possible to balance the two and have it all.

Over the years of doing research, of working on my self and committing to self growth, and of course experimenting with both kind of lifestyles, I’ve made the conclusion that you can have it all which is great news!

My ongoing journey

What you can’t have is the expectation that you are always going to feel 100%. You can’t expect that you will never have a mental health hurdle no matter what decision you make. Because when you decide to take the healthy route, you’re going to miss the social bond. When you take the social route you may feel like complete shit from overindulging. Even when you find a good balance, you may not be able to find it every time.

You also can’t expect to have the best training session every time regardless of what kind of decision you make. But what you can commit to, is showing up for yourself. You can show up and give it your best effort and even when the training doesn’t go well as you hoped, be proud that you showed up!

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle you are always going to have mental work to do. When we don’t work on the mental stuff such as lack of confidence, guilt, shame, worry or fear, we suffer and this has everything to do with the way we train, exercise, eat, and take care of ourselves.

Some of the things that I do to work on mental warfare are:

  1. Meditate
  2. Read personal development books (and take each with a grain of salt)
  3. Read and learn about inspiring and motivational individuals
  4. Journal
  5. Self reflect
  6. Practice awareness
  7. Listen to podcasts
  8. Surround myself with an environment for growth

Let me remind you that self growth is a never ending journey. Figuring out what kind of lifestyle works best for you and gives you good mental health is also a non linear journey. Keep working on the mental stuff and it will elevate your training and fitness goals so much more.

And when it comes to expectations, you can always face your fitness and lifestyle goals with a good attitude and your best effort, but be gentle with yourself when things don’t go as planned. Don’t give up on yourself because you totally got this!

Do you struggle between a healthy and a more social life? How do you try and balance the two? How can you tip the scale to becoming a more confident individual? Think of how all this can affect your training in a positive way!

I want you all to come up with a list of ways that you can continue to work on your mental health and positive self talk and by all means use my list for ideas:)



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Justification –7

Intensity: Let me tell you about this week… my level of sore is 10/10. Not because I pushed way too hard but probably because I got the opportunity to snowboard all day. I was lucky enough to get in on The Blue Mountains opening day (since pandemic rules). Last time I went snowboarding was not only a year ago but I literally trained my muscles for it by doing tons of wall sits and balance work on a bosu ball. I still religiously workout but not specifically to snowboard so boy was I ever in for a treat lol.

Opportunities happen, life happens, events pop up, so how does this effect our training and workouts? We adapt. We don’t throw them out the window. Consistency is the key my friends!

That’s why this week I want to talk specifically about justification and bargaining as we ALL do it!

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  1. I worked so hard yesterday, today I will skip this workout I planned to do.
  2. I worked hard today I am going to a couple extra cookies to treat myself.
  3. You know what? I’m feeling really tired today, I am just going to do two workouts tomorrow.
  4. I could workout, or I could just continue to watch TV and shut my brain off of the guilt that keeps coming in.

What ways have you specifically bargained with yourself about working out, exercising, or eating?

I don’t believe that bargaining or justification is always a bad thing. In some cases yes, it definitely sets us back but in other cases it can be reasonable. What you have to make sure when justifying something to yourself, is that you will come out on top, and that it’s not going to put you back into old unwanted patterns.

Part of growth and self development, a lot of what I talk about in this blog, is changing the way we used to do things to better our future selves. It’s about breaking patterns that don’t serve us and squashing old damaging habits. So when your bargaining with yourself, ask, is the outcome going to benefit my future self?

A good example of an effective bargain may be:

I planned to workout my lower body today, but I am having knee pain, therefore instead I will train upper body and give my knee time to rest. This bargain shows you are listening to your body and your pain but also sticking to the commitment to workout.

An example of a not so effective bargain may be:

I am going to eat this second dessert before giving myself time to feel full because I want to, then tomorrow I am going to work “double” as hard in my workouts. This can be a damaging bargain as you are not listening to your body, giving into cravings and justifying the second dessert, along with putting added pressure on yourself to workout “double” as hard when “double” is not a measurable tool to track your success.

A good way to bargain and justify an action is to have a set plan in place to come back on track. So if a curve ball gets thrown at your week, your unable to do the workout you committed to, there is a tempting potluck at work, or your suffering an injury. Right when you notice the curveball, make a plan of action.

Example plan of action:

  1. Tempting potluck at work – I am going to enjoy this potluck with my coworkers but here is my plan: I am going to make sure 30% of my plate is protein, I am going to enjoy the other 70%. I am going to swap dinner tonight with something lighter (grilled chicken salad rather than chicken alfredo).
  2. I am unable to do my workout today as I got a call from a friend who really needs me to come over. Plan: Get up early tomorrow and squeeze my workout in before work (remind myself how good it will feel to get it done).

It’s not easy to stay committed and consistent, for anyone, including me. Planning can really help, always expect setbacks or “curveballs”, and find ways to flex your resilient muscle. You are only one day, one workout, one meal, away from getting back on track to succeeding, changing for the better, and growing in the right direction.

Motivation: Due to this long day snowboarding I had on Tuesday which I am beyond grateful for getting to do, do you think I really wanted to drag my sore ass out for a run the next morning? haha Definitely not.

Last week I talked about recovery. One of my methods for recovery of a sore muscle is light cardio. So this was my bargain: If I just start, get my shoes on, my gear on, get outside and just start running, I don’t have to push myself super hard today and just run to recover, that’s it. So that’s what I did. It loosened me up and although I’m still sore it kept my cardio on track.

What I didn’t do was workout the day after snowboarding because of another one of my recovery principles to give your muscles 48 hours to recover. So I am feeling quite good about balancing and replanning this weeks training to a fun unexpected turn of events. It’s all about prioritizing your health goals and making it work and fit into your life.

It’s also about keeping those promises to yourself.

Keep yourself your number one priority!


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Week 6 – Worked itttt

Well I definitely kept my integrity on “working it” over this last week. Week 6, when I used to body build, was always a de-load week which was a week to take things light and help your body recover. I think de-load weeks are very important when lifting heavy weight and body building.

I chose not to program in a de-load week for my specific training program as my focus is not to build muscle but to improve my muscular endurance. The way I program this is, starting week 1 and 2 out light, progress week 3 and 4 in volume, and further progress the last two weeks to be the most volume and crank up the intensity. That being said intensity this last week was through the roof!

I’ve been putting in the work to get my splits back:)

Intensity: This last week I was feeling good, body wise. I felt recovered from a few set backs in the last couple weeks so I went hard, focused on form, and kept that grit and drive in my workouts. I used my setbacks as fuel. I can say honestly my overall intensity this week was a solid 9 out and 10 and I am proud of that!

Motivation: There was only 1 workout in particular where I lacked a little motivation to get it done. I just reminded myself of how it would feel afterwards to have accomplished a good solid workout and also how good it would feel to move my body. That is usually my trick for motivation:

“Think of that feeling after when you’re all done, and you worked hard. To me there is no greater feeling”

Lessons: With the intensity so high I was quite sore and heavy all week so the big lesson this week was recovery! I lined my workouts up back to back alternating upper and lower body throughout the beginning of the week so I knew that when I finished them I would need some time to recover. I planned a great recovery day (after a night shift) to rest, recover, no stretching, no walking the dogs, nothing. It was almost like my reward for working so hard, what better way to reward myself than to just get cozy and sleep and cuddle my dogs:)

I’ve had to listen to my body in many incidents where I’ve been overly sore. Here is a list of things to remember:

  1. Try to associate the sore muscle to what exercise you did. This will help your training game in the future. It is always good to know what exercises really work for targeting a certain muscle for you. With this information you can choose this exercise in the future or opposite, say you didn’t intend to work that muscle and you want to stay away from building in that area.
  2. Make sure that what you’re feeling is a sore muscle and not pain. If it tips more to the pain side of things than maybe you need to back off that exercise or dial it back.
  3. Never stretch a sore muscle. Stretching although very beneficial for many reasons is essentially a strain on your muscle. It should be used as a tool and used properly with proper timing. You could do some light dynamic stretching of a sore muscle to loosen it up but avoid a long held static stretch of any sore muscle.
  4. Light cardio can help ease soreness as it aids in circulation. A light jog although being hard to get going, has helped ease my sore muscles up a bit. It’s the stationary sitting positions that really stiffen you up.
  5. Above all else rest is the key. You do not want to try to workout a muscle that hasn’t had time to fully recover yet. Muscles need about 48 hours to recover from a lift session. Recovery is JUST as important as the lifting itself.
  6. Nutrition – I haven’t spoken a lot about nutrition yet in this blog series but hope to incorporate it more in the future. When it comes to recovery adequate protein is important. Complex carbohydrates can aid protein in the muscle repair process as well. And of course adequate water intake is always important for literally everything.

I have my new 6 week program all panned out and ready to go! I always get excited to switch things up. With my goal being to compete in a triathlon and to improve my muscular endurance and build more joint and connective tissue strength, I will continue with my 6 month periodized plan for accomplishing this goal.

This will be macrocycle 2 of 5 (6 weeks in length) consisting of:

  1. 5 resistance training workouts per week alternating upper and lower body.
  2. Increasing my cardio to 3 runs per week, increasing my distance on 1 of the 3 runs.
  3. At least 1 full day off from both to recover.

The program that I follow is made for me based of my experience as an athlete and is based off of my intended goals. Please remember that everyone is different, has different goals, and different body types etc.

Don’t just blindly follow a workout plan because it works for someone else. Pick exercises and workouts you enjoy. Having a plan created by a trainer is best if you have a specific goal in mind. Don’t kill yourself or exhaust yourself to meet extremely high expectations right off the bat. This exercise thing always takes practice and patience. Work your way up to where you want to be at. It’s all about the small wins!

Most importantly celebrate yourself when you accomplish little wins! Celebrating can also look like many different things, here is another list of ways you can celebrate your small daily accomplishments:

  1. Sleep! (my favourite)
  2. Hang out with a friend and celebrate together
  3. Treat yourself to a healthy gourmet meal
  4. Book yourself a massage

What are some other healthy ways you can think of to celebrate yourself?

How has your training been going? I want to hear from you! Do you give yourself enough time to rest? What strategies do you use to ease up sore muscles?

If you are interested in an individualized workout, nutrition, and wellness plan, I am currently taking on clients, feel free to DM or e-mail me

If you’re interested in joining my monthly newsletter consisting of meditation tips, recipe, and workout of the month, again DM or e-mail me

Have a great week everyone!


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Week 5 – Resilience

Welcome to week 5 of my train with me blog series. Hope you’re enjoying the content so far and feeling inspired to crush your own training goals!

Intensity: This week started off rough. I took day 1 off to catch up on sleep and proceeded to have digestion issues the following two days. I don’t let excuses hold me back from staying consistent with my training so I am proud to have completed my workouts as planned for. That being said I got them done and that was it, intensity wasn’t there, soreness wasn’t there the days following. Luckily I picked it up the second half of the week and had a couple great workouts. Overall intensity was a whopping 3/10 for the week in general.

I am finding as my workouts are progressing with the intention of training muscular endurance that my resistance training is feeling more like cardio than it use to. I rarely use to get my heart rate up and my sweat on while lifting but this is starting to change. This is natural as my goals have shifted. Here is a complex way of explaining the difference between muscle growth (hypertrophy).

  1. Myofibrillar hypertrophy- focuses on increased myofibril size or the density of the cell. This type of training increases muscle mass and strength and happens with 2-6 reps at RPE 8-9.
  2. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy- focuses on increased muscle glycogen storage and the volume of the cell. When training this, the volume of fluid in the muscle cell increases with little increase in muscular strength causing cells to swell/pump. This happens with 12-15 reps with RPE 6-7.

The best way to achieve any goal that you may have whether that be to be able to do pushups, to run 5 miles, to squat your body weight, to lose a certain percentage of weight etc, it is best to consult someone who has the scientific knowledge to create a plan for you. If this isn’t an option then do your own research, but don’t just do something that someone else is doing that is working for THEM. It is best to set intentional goals with a sound intentional plan to achieve success for YOU.

Motivation: Due to the rough start this week it obviously made it challenging to really motivate myself to train. But what I reminded myself when I didn’t feel like training was again that something is better than nothing. If I just committed to first getting my workout gear on, it would lead to warming up. If I started warming up I would naturally start the workout nice and easy. Even if I just did my warm up I would have been proud that I started but in the back of my head I knew I would do more. This has been two rough weeks in a row, let me tell you, I am ready to kill it in week six.

Lessons: We are always going to hit road blocks with training. The important thing is how we come back from the road blocks. Over time I’ve found with myself although things set me back, I’ve become more and more resilient in bouncing back. Here are some strategies I’ve learned to practice:

  1. Re-evaluate the goal – what is it that you set out to achieve? Remind yourself of that goal and keep it in the back of your mind when you train.
  2. Reestablish your why – What is your why? Why do you train? Why do you choose to live a healthy lifestyle? Who are you doing it for? Why is it important to you? Re-establish your why.
  3. Remember where you’ve come from. Think back to where you used to be and see all you have accomplished so far. With all you have accomplished in the past just think of how much more or further you can push yourself to grow.
  4. Think with a growth mindset. There is no going back, there is no staying where you are at. You must move forward, you must choose to better yourself everyday, it’s a journey!

So with all that is gone on over the last two weeks, I am fired up. Week five I did increase overall volume of my workouts but I am just not satisfied with how it has felt. Week six will be the last week of this macrocycle so I want to finish big. One of the strategies I use in training is changing up my exercises every six weeks so while working on a new program this week I want to get the most out of this initial program which I not only have enjoyed, but have felt some amazing growth with as well.

How do you bounce back from set backs? What fires you up and gets you motivated? How do you reset and refocus on the goal? What can you do starting today to help achieve your future goals?



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Week 4 – Plan for Chaos

This week has been different. My work schedule has changed a bit, Blair and I have been super adventurous in the snow causing my activity levels to be up in the beginning of the week. Then activity levels took a plummet as the highways got real shitty and I’ve been forced to stay in a hotel for 2 days. I’ll talk about how I adjusted to all this.

Intensity: This week workouts are the same as last week but due to the added activity earlier in the week, I have been pushing and finding my workouts harder while doing them. Surprisingly though, I have been less sore about a 4/10 this week. Couple reasons why this may be. 

1- My muscles are adapting to the workouts. Muscles become familiar with certain movements (muscle memory) and this is why progressive overload is so important. It is also important to switch up your workouts from time to time, introducing new exercises to target different areas of the muscle. I prefer to switch my workouts up every 6 weeks with an increase in overall intensity (reps, weights, tempo etc) every 2 weeks.

2- Ive been stretching gooooood. After every exercise whether it be a run, hike, or workout I’ve been stretching! Stretching brings the blood flow back to those muscles which were deprived of the oxygen during exercise. This can help with lactic acid build up causing those sore muscles.

Having noted all this extra activity at the beginning of the week I made sure to plan for some adequate rest for my body and will talk more about my strategic planning for this chaotic week.

Motivation: The previous three weeks I didn’t lack any motivation and was excited to work out. This week I hit a motivation roadblock – hotel room. When I have to stay in a hotel after my night shifts the last thing I want to do is workout… I just want to sleep, eat, watch TV repeat, especially when it’s a full moon and my shift is off the freakin rails lol. I allowed myself a really good rest-day on day one of my stay in the hotel but I knew I would benefit from moving my body during day two of my stay. Benefits of movement are both mental and physical and I’m more than aware of this. This lack of motivation with a roadblock is the big lesson this week.

Getting my workout in the hotel

Lessons: Life happens, weather happens, appointments pop up, things unexpectedly change ALL the time. If you always threw your fitness goals or workout program to the side anytime anything changed, you will never achieve consistency which is the name of the game in a healthy lifestyle.

So you’re going to have to push yourself sometimes. Just remember something is better than nothing at all. Five minutes even, is better than nothing! You might have a shitty workout but you did it, that’s self integrity, keeping promises to yourself or keeping yourself accountable. Sometimes it will take every ounce of energy to get your ass off the couch but sometimes these moments turn into the best workouts and an amazing energy shift, it happens to me, not every time, but occasionally. Regardless if the workout was amazing or not so much, I’m ALWAYS proud I did it. Bottom line is you will NEVER regret a workout, only the ones you failed to do.

I talk a lot about planning and I think this is also a really important concept. When I sat down last weekend to plan my week I knew I signed up for four nights in a row rather than two. I always have it in the back of my head the possibility of the roads being shitty and me having to stay. So I’m glad I took the time to plan for all this. This is how I organized my week:

  1. Recognized my schedule for the week
  2. Pencilled in my workouts and cardio on my days off
  3. Pencilled in the workouts I’ll have to do on work days and when I could get them done 
  4. Pulled out my body weight workout to have on hand in case I had to get er done in the hotel
  5. Meal prepped healthy food and snacks to bring to work

Overall planning really helps with consistency and will get you that much closer to achieving your goals and living a healthy life. But like I said before life happens, and shit happens. So when plans don’t work out, find a way to stay consistent. It may even help to identify possible roadblocks or barriers to achieving the success you desire and prepare for chaos in advance.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

What are my motivation roadblocks? 

What things in the past have come up and stopped me from getting my workout in? 

If said roadblock or barrier pops up what is plan B?

Who can I reach out to as an accountability partner?

In closing please remember when you put yourself and your health first and you’ll have so much more to give back:)

Have a great week everyone!


Train With Me

Week 3 – Pushing Through Walls

Another week in the books and I am feeling hella strong and learning a ton!

Motivation: This week I found that I used food a lot as motivation. I’ll admit this isn’t always the healthiest practice for some people. I find for me it makes me a little food obsessed. Because I am aware of how it effects me mentally, I can work on shifting to tap into a new type of motivation for next week. Now on the flip side it can be used as a great tool as well (when it doesn’t become obsessive). The way you use it as a tool is:

1-Thinking of food as fuel

When I’m deciding between eating a snack or working out I picture what that snack will do for me AFTER the workout. A snack consisting of protein and a complex carb after a workout will refuel my tank. It will help my muscles recover by getting the protein there to repair the work that I have done (this is the process of building muscle). A snack post workout is very positive, in fact it is important to eat within 30 minutes of any resistance training session.

2-Picturing how you can enjoy your meals the most

The second way I use food as motivation is picturing how much better a snack would taste after having earned it with a great workout. How much mentally better I would feel eating after my workout, rather than not exercising at all (which in itself is a mood booster). So you decide whether you can use food as a motivational tool without letting it consume your thoughts to an obsessive amount.

Intensity: So this week I moved into my 3rd microcycle which means it was time to increase the intensity of my workouts. Without having extra weights at home and with primarily training for muscular endurance, this means adding extra reps to my exercises. Now I didn’t go too overboard again progressing at a slow pace is important to give yourself room to progress and to prevent injuries. So for increased intensity I increased my reps for almost every exercise by 2 reps only. Now this doesn’t seem like a lot but I definitely felt it! You would be surprised how much adding little increases, weight, reps can do. My overall soreness level was actually at a 7 this week and it was the perfect kind of sore:)

Lessons: This week my biggest lesson was during a cardio session. I started out my run at a pretty good pace and half way through the run was feeling fatigued. These are the times where it’s important to use self talk. Do NOT judge yourself for self talk in fact I encourage you all to do it and do it right. The way that we talk to ourselves has a MASSIVE impact on achieving goals, becoming successful, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves and our confidence.

So when I started to feel fatigued I recognized that idea was going through my mind and I started to switch it. I started thinking to myself that I have pushed through fatigue before and have been successful. I started imagining myself actually in the triathlon and what I would do on race day, how I would push through. I focused on my running form to give me more power (balls of the feet, knees turned more out than in, squeeze the core, BREATH, utilize the arms and keep them straight).

It’s usually in these moments when you feel yourself pushing through that wall, that you get that “runners high” and this happened for me. I kept trekking at a good pace and kept calling myself “a well oiled machine” in my head lol Don’t judge me, try it for yourself! There is nothing better than a runners high, than a hit of dopamine, it is an amazing feeling. I finished this 5 km run in about 30 minutes which I am extremely happy with at this stage in the game.

I will break down how to push through these walls into workable steps:

  1. Recognize when the self talk becomes negative
  2. Change the thought into a positive one
  3. Imagine how it would feel to break through the wall
  4. Focus on form
  5. Repeat a self affirmation ex: “I am a tank” “I got this shit” “I am an athlete” “Hard as fuck”

Most importantly celebrate the success when you’ve pushed through. Soak in the pride, write down your new record or number, journal the experience, tell a friend or trainer who would be so proud. You are worth celebrating!

Another lesson I learned just in the last couple days here is the importance of creating alternatives rather than making excuses. Life happens, injuries happen, snow happens, gyms close, things sometimes don’t go according to your plan. Rather than making excuses as to why you can’t do your workout, do your daily yoga or movement, or whatever it is you set out to do, create an alternative.

Carving my own trail

My alternative this week was to do a power snow shoe cardio session as the roads were too snowy and unsafe for my cardio session. Although I didn’t get my heart rate up as much as I would running, I went hard and I got er done! That is what it’s all about!

Overall it’s been a very good week of training. By sticking with my plan, pushing through mental challenges, recognizing when my thoughts aren’t serving me, and taking action everyday, I am well on my way to achieving my fitness goal.

What do you do when your mental talk goes south? How do you talk to yourself on a daily basis? How do you push through your walls? What kinds of tools can you use as motivation?

I would love to hear your thoughts on these subjects, feel free to reach out by commenting on the blog or private message me on my instagram @frecklefithealth

Have a great week everybody!


Train With Me

Week 2 – Overcoming Injury

I’ve been itching to write this blog for a few days now! This is telling me that I am finding more of what I love to do and evolving this side hustle. Something I’ve learned about choosing a career, a side hustle, a new project, a new challenge, is that you gotta love the process MORE than you think you’re going to love the end result. Anyways…

Motivation: This week again I am feeling highly motivated. I am still in the beginning of this journey and like I said last week motivation in the beginning is easy and exciting because its fresh and new! (for me anyway)

Intensity: This week oddly enough with the workouts being the same as week 1, I felt them a bit more challenging. Maybe I pushed a bit harder this week to get those muscles firing, my overall muscle soreness for this week would be about a 5/10.

Lessons: Last week I talked about how it’s important not to push yourself right off the bat as this can result in an injury. Well it just so happens I almost suffered an injury this week! About 12 hours after one of my upper body workouts I couldn’t lift my right shoulder over my head it was SO sore. I thought I pulled something but turns out it was just extremely sore. So what did I learn from this?

First off as SOON as I started to feel this soreness come on I braced my arm in a comfortable position and limited use of that arm (this made ADLs (activities of daily living) a little challenging for a few days. Things such as shampooing my hair and putting dishes away was a little challenging but it’s not necessarily a bad thing to challenge your weak side every now and then. Along with rest, I iced it right away and rubbed some CBD muscle rub cream on it. I continued with the CBD and rest for a couple days and I am now fully recovered.

What I learned was to listen to my body. This is something I stress often. Aches and pains in the body are SIGNALS telling you something or a combination of things including:

  1. I am not okay with this motion
  2. I lack mobility to be able to perform this exercise
  3. That particular muscle is weak
  4. That particular muscle is tight
  5. I need to rest (how many of you have had an overuse injury?)

It’s also important to decipher muscle soreness and actual pain. The Best thing you can do if a soreness or pain pops up is to STOP and REST. Ice is a great tool as well. Once you’ve given that pain some time to settle then you’ll be able to decide the severity and adapt your exercises to either avoid the motion that caused the pain OR work on strengthening your weaknesses (working with a trainer is hugely beneficial).

The plan I had in place for my workouts this week were to avoid having to workout on the days I had to work night shift because I am often way too tired and do a TON of sleeping on these days. Here are some things to consider when planning your workouts for the week:

  1. Your work schedule
  2. Your habits and behaviours
  3. When you enjoy workout the most (morning vs.evening)
  4. Life and social events
  5. What has worked well in the past
  6. Giving the muscles worked 48 hours to recover (can workout other muscles the following day, this is why splitting lower and upper body workouts can allow for more training days in the week)

Why the heck ain’t I running my heart out?

Embracing them home workouts

Another thing I wanted to talk about in my blog today is the fact that I’m only doing TWO cardio days per week while training for a triathlon. Many of you probably think that if you’re doing a triathlon should you not be running, biking, and swimming all the time?

When your training for anything whether it be a marathon, a fitness competition, a CrossFit meet, or just training to meet a long time fitness goal of yours, you have to realize the impact of training on the body.

For the past three years I’ve been training my physique and body building for the sole purpose of building muscle. The techniques that I need to use to switch to an endurance and cardio heavy goal are going to be WAY different. When building muscle you want to focus on strength and power and heavy weights and lots of protein and carbs to refuel the muscles. For a triathlon after doing my research of course I need to work more on my muscular endurance (although I have learned that you do need an element of strength and power as well).

So before I start running 5 miles a day and going for long bike rides I need to get my muscle and joints ready for this feat. What I have planned for my training is to really focus on my muscle endurance for a good three to four months and introducing more and more cardio as the weeks role by and my muscles are ready for it. I am fortunate enough to have a good running and cardio background so I am not overly worried about getting this back quickly but am more concerned about over doing it when maybe my knees or ankles aren’t ready yet.

“Muscle pays for the party” – Jen Widerstrom

With every fitness goal there should always be a resistance training plan in place. Resistance training is how we build and maintain our muscle. Here are three really good reasons why having muscle is important:

  1. Muscle improves metabolism
  2. Muscle helps with weight control more specifically controls the amount of visceral fat we have (fat that surrounds our organs)
  3. Muscle helps prevent injuries especially to our joints (cushions our joints)

Overall it’s been a great week, despite the little shoulder set back. I am really enjoying the program I have made and excited to continue on this journey!

How have you all been doing with your goals? Can you name me a small win you had last week? How do you deal with setbacks?

Feel free to reach out for support or questions. I love this shit and am so very happy to help:)


Train With Me

Train With Me!

I truly believe that everyone has an athlete inside of them. It’s a matter of finding out 1 – What exercise you love, 2 – Your commitment to moving your body for health purposes 3 – Your mindset and BELIEF that you ARE an athlete, no matter what form of exercise you do.

I’d like to invite you all to follow along my training journey no matter what training you are doing yourself. In the end the main goal for performing any exercise or training is to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

Week 1:

Motivation: I felt very motivated like most do when they start out a new year, a new goal, or program, I find in the beginning it’s easy to take action.

Intensity: This week felt very easy and I found I had to constantly remind myself that if you come out of the gates sprinting and pushing yourself too hard this is where injuries take place. We also need room for progressive overload (to progress) so focus on good form in the beginning rather than more reps or weight. I followed my program with no add ons and much to my surprise I did feel quite sore at times due to introducing new unfamiliar exercises. I would rate overall muscle soreness this week 4/10.

Lessons: I felt this week was more about mental training and getting my mindset in a good place. I really had to practice self awareness with some of my old patterns and behaviours creeping in. After this week I feel like my next couple months are going to be all about mental training! But it’s all in the effort and practice to improve that headspace.

Stretching after a good run!

Something I listened to that really clicked on @beautyandthegeek podcast a couple weeks ago is that the reason why body building (which is what I’ve been practicing for the last 3 years) is so mentally tough is because you have to judge your progress based off of what you look like (your physique).

This has put in front of me many self realizations, self doubts, confidence struggles, poor eating behaviours etc. It really is much more of a mental game than it is about getting physically healthier. Kudos to all the amazing body builders and physique competitors out there, it really is a tough sport all around.

For this reason I am quite happy with my new goal of completing a triathlon. Because what I am going to be measuring now are times, kilometres, endurance, things that are OUTSIDE of what I have to judge in the mirror. I feel like this is really going to help with the mental struggles I have to constantly work on such as dysmorphia, food obsession, and imposter syndrome

Lifestyle hack: Set goals outside of weight, inches, and appearances. Focus on those measurable goals and track your progress by the improvements in your numbers! Examples: Set a time to beat for cardio, hit a really heavy lift tracking the weight on the bar, aim to hold a yoga pose for set amount of time or fine tune a pose, increase the amount of time you move your body in a day (set a goal number of steps to reach per day).

Another big lesson I learned this week is how to keep my mindset in check. This actually had nothing to do with my training but more about life in general. I have three mentors that are my go to for inspiration or new lessons on how to get my head straight. I follow @yourhealthyhedonista on instagram when I’m looking for grit, I’ve been practicing @wimhof method for breathing and cold exposure to help with my training, and I also turn to @drjoedispenza and read his books and use his research as guidance to help me continue to rewire my brain.

It is important to have mentors or follow people who help motivate and push you to follow your goals, dreams, and passions. I’ve been stuck in a couple mental ruts this week and learned, when in doubt look beyond your chaotic thoughts and outsource some information or help to get your head on straight, clear, and re find the joy!

Another point I wanted to talk about this week is the importance of having a plan, a program, and a goal. When you have a set program in front of you it really takes the brain work out of things. It can help with motivation because sometimes half the battle is deciding what exercise or workout you want to do, sometimes to the point where you just don’t do anything at all. When you have laid out in front of you exactly what you’re going to do then all you have to do is take action!

Lifestyle hack: Every Sunday take an hour to plan out your week. What days are you going to workout? What days are cardio only? What specific workouts are you going to do? Throughout the week TAKE ACTION. You have the plan now stick to it.

Overall I am happy with what I accomplished this week. I hope you guys follow along with my weekly blogs. Together we can crush our goals, talk about our setbacks, and grow as healthy and happy people!


Hard truths

Ongoing Learning

You would think that after writing a freaking book about the importance of learning always, that I wouldn’t have to constantly check myself… Well, what I have to say about that, is sometimes in life there are lessons that we have to keep learning over and over again.

The reason I am writing this blog today is to remind you to keep yourself accountable to your own learning! I have been dedicated to reading for the last few months which I am very proud of. I know now that when I’m at a stagnant point in my life where I just don’t know what the next step will be, that I need to pick up a damn book. So I’ve read many actually in the last few weeks which have been amazing.

I wrote a blog last week about how I’m going to be participating in a triathlon this year and thought that I would be competent enough to create my own training schedule. Now in my defence it’s not that I wouldn’t be totally competent to do this and train hard and complete the race and feel good. The mindset shift that I have been discovering lately is that I don’t want to just “do good”. I want to do fucking great and so should you!

Life isn’t about choosing to do something, putting half effort in, and settling for finishing the job. When you have a desire, something that you really enjoy or love doing, something that you want to prove to yourself and be proud of, you don’t half ass it… (end of story).

As much as I loved making the training schedule for my triathlon and will probably use but modify, what do I actually know about training for a triathlon? (lol). I’ve never done one before, hell I don’t even know how to swim properly!

So here I am pulling my head out of my ass again and diving into a book! I talk about this concept a lot in the book I published, The Frecklefit Mindset. It’s impossible to know everything. It’s impossible to completely and totally master anything as well. There is ALWAYS room for improvement, which is an amazing concept when you think about it. This means there is always room for growth and with growth comes a sense of accomplishment, a sense of self worth, and a sense of pride in ones self!

So I bought this really awesome book called, Strength Training for Triathletes: The complete program to build triathlon power, speed, and muscular endurance. Let me say I am completely obsessed with it already, which is a good sign that I am just following my passions and desires.

This is what I have come to realize about figuring out your life piece by piece:

  1. Create self awareness: When you are doing certain things/tasks/jobs, ask yourself, am I enjoying this? How am I feeling right now? Do I love what I am doing?
  2. When you find something you love read a book about it! Increase your knowledge base on the subject, get all obsessy and let it light a fire inside you.
  3. Take action! Continue to do the things that fill your heart. Learn more about it and just do it:)

Hope I have encouraged you all to buy that book you’ve been thinking about or just do the damn thing you’ve been contemplating!

Now go get em!



Fitness Goal Setting

Last year I’ll admit, my fitness goals were not clear cut. I had the goal to work on key muscles to snowboard in January, then after that I aimlessly bounced from one goal to another. I am happy with what I worked on in 2020 and to be realistic, any “gym type goal” would have to have been adjusted anyway related to losing the gym.

In 2020 after my snowboard trip I focused on general fitness until covid happened then I put my focus on how to keep and potentially gain muscle at home with minimal equipment. I then bounced to a 3 month reverse diet and then to a 3 month diet phase. I enjoyed this experience and I feel great, healthy, and fit.

But this year is going to be different! I listened to a great podcast the other day – Beauty and the Geek (with biolayne and Holly Baxter). They spoke about how a lot of reverse diets and diets aren’t that effective because people don’t FULLY commit to the process and lose patience in the process. They also speak about a big part of committing to the process is just loving it and enjoying it fully.

So this got me thinking about what I really love and what would be something I could fully commit to. I wanted a really clear cut goal that is more specific and measurable. Most importantly I wanted something to truly work towards.

One of the biggest things I have realized this year having moved to this beautiful area of the country is how much I love being outside! That no matter what my daily walks, hikes, or snow shoes bring me clarity, peace and joy. Another realization is that I live right across from a freaking lake… So what better goal for me this next year is to do a Triathlon!!

I researched different triathlon races in the area and of course there are many and one in particular close by in July. So this is my goal that I am over the moon excited about and know that I’m going to love the training and the process of achieving this goal.

I’ve recently gained inspiration also from a book I read. Think like a warrior by Darrin Donnelly. I’m hoping to work towards my goal using the five inner beliefs from this book (which I have pinned up on my wall).

  1. I will only focus on the things I can control my effort and my attitude.
  2. I love what I do and will attack each day with joy and enthusiasm.
  3. I dream big and avoid the naysayers.
  4. I am relentless and will never give up on my dreams.
  5. I will choose faith over fear.

One of the big keys to achieving a goal is to plan. So I have my training schedule all planned out and organized into six training blocks. There will be challenges along the way such as the substantial increase in cardio I will have to transition into, being aware and careful with my chronic injuries, and learning how to freakin swim lol

Overall I am full of excitement about this new journey and goal!

Three things to consider when creating a fitness goal:

  1. What do you LOVE and would love the process of training for?
  2. Where and how would you like to see yourself in 6-12 months?
  3. What is your “why” for doing what you do?

If you have a specific goal in mind and would like a well thought out, individualized, long term plan constructed to reach this goal… I can create this for you! E-mail or message me for details. Together we can reach and achieve our goals!



The Five Inner Beliefs from Think Like a Warrior

Awesome Read

My Training Sched!!:)