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Old Patterns of Thought (17)

Intensity: This weeks intensity has been an 8/10. Again another high number as I have been doing many different movements and exercises in the gym, along with tons of long cardio sessions. Not a day goes by that I’m not sore these days but it is a “horribly lovely” feeling if that makes any sense at all lol.

Motivation: My motivation has been very high again as I’m just loving what I’m doing for exercise these days! That’s what its all about! I get so excited to workout and I’m definitely not as “drag ass-ey” getting out of bed for fasted cardio days because I KNOW I will feel damn good afterwards. Motivation has been 10/10.

Lessons: This week I want to get vulnerable and talk about something I used to struggle with. Nutrition plays a huge role in training and it brings a whole rabbit hole of psychological crap with it.

I think we all struggle with nutrition, food choices, food guilt and shame, in some capacity. I know I did for years and still do sometimes because I let old habits and patterns of thinking creep back in.

An example of this would be one night this week when I overate BIG time. In the moment I threw all my cares away and enjoyed a night snacking, watching movies, and wine with my man. The next day I had sooo much negative talk in my head, I debated doing a low calorie day, I got down on myself and ashamed at my decision to just enjoy the moment.

As crazy as it sounds I truly felt like I blew all my training and hard work out the window for the week…

I used to do this almost daily a few years back, then I learned about the law of attraction. What we think about the most is what manifests into physical form. So rather than think over and over about self shame, regret, and guilt, use the law of attraction for your benefit!

Here is a strategy on how:

  1. Recognize when your thoughts are negative towards yourself, your habits, or your abilities.
  2. Replace those thoughts with affirmations that you can achieve anything you set out to do.
  3. Do what you have to do to believe in those affirmations, repetition can be helpful, journalling can be helpful, visualization can also aide in creating self belief.

So that being said, I had to recognize that one night of overeating isn’t going to effect me. I had to remind myself of all the work I’ve been putting in lately. I had to get that mental image of myself as strong and fearless back in my head and truly believe in that girl.

I also had to remember that cutting calories the day following a big overeat or binge is not the answer. When we start getting into a yo yo scheme dieting pattern we risk messing around with our metabolisms. We also risk messing with our mental health and wellbeing.

When you fall off the rails, rather than wallow in self doubt or shame, use it as fuel. Try your best to eat better the following day rather than under eating and feeling miserable and hangry. Get a few extra steps in the next day or get a great workout or training session in and I promise you will feel WAY better then starving yourself or messing around with your diet.

At the end of the day you are only one sleep away from getting back on track with your health, your wellness, and your fitness goals. We are all capable of believing in ourselves enough to put in the work.

It’s really easy to fall back into old patterns of thought. I don’t know if they ever really go away and I like to think of them as little tests, or reminders, that once recognized, show you that you have grown.

Think about some of the detrimental patterns of thought that you have experienced in the past or present. How do these thoughts affect you? Do these thoughts ever hold you back from achieving more? Do you find old thought patterns come back?

Think of some ways that you can stop these thoughts in their tracks and rise up to the best version of you!