Life Hacks

Follow Your Instincts

It’s crazy how every single little piece of your life can end up linking up somehow. How little details connect and how something that may feel pointless at the time ends up being the just the thing you needed to learn or do.

This has happened to me in such a big way recently with my career, I have come full circle and have a hybrid job of ALL the nursing areas I’ve worked and personal training and related research I have done.

I recently started a new job as a home care nurse which is a whole new field of nursing for me. The learning curve has been quite intense and it has been a bit stressful starting off but I have hit a few moments where I realize this may just be the perfect job for me.

First piece of the puzzle was created when my first nursing job on complex care got turned over by the government to a COPD unit. I was devastated at the time but it ended up pushing me to expand past this unit and to learn new important nursing areas. Working on that COPD unit gave me very valuable knowledge that fits perfectly into my job today.

Part of my home care job includes visiting homes with COPD clients and monitoring there oxygen and breathing, something I wouldn’t have had experience in hadn’t the government strip my first job that I loved away from me. I feel very capable and confident in helping these people today because of it.

Second piece of my puzzle came back when I decided to become a personal trainer I had no clue why I was doing it. I had a full time job as a nurse already, I had a good routine going with my own fitness but something was just telling me to do it and at the time I had found my love for learning again.

I thought maybe I wanted to quit nursing and do personal training full time and I wrote a blog on this experience at the time and how a job opportunity just didn’t work out and that I was meant to be doing what I was doing at the time. I thought maybe I wanted to be an online influencer or life coach and that’s what brought about my instagram and this blog, but in the end I was just doing it out of pure enjoyment.

B another part of my job today includes diabetes education and wound care/healing. Because of all I learned wearing my personal trainer hat I now have the knowledge to teach about nutrition and proper protein intake for wound healing, all things we don’t learn in great detail in nursing school.

I found myself this week with a client who was concerned that her wounds weren’t healing so I discussed in great detail protein and what they could include in their diet.

Another client had a bad shoulder and it had worsened after a stroke and surgery to their carotid artery putting strain on her shoulder. I was able to go through some safe shoulder exercises and pain relieving measures that didn’t include increased narcotic intake both things I don’t think I would have thought of hadn’t it been for my personal training background.

This brings me to my third big piece of my puzzle my palliative care job. I enjoyed floating to this unit initially but never knew I wanted to work there until the opportunity presented itself. I followed my instincts and had an incredible experience there.

My home care job today also includes palliative care. Had I not followed my instincts and taken on this job I wouldn’t have had all the knowledge and skills that I do today to support these people who wish to die in their homes.

I’m not really sure why I applied for this home care company other than my instincts telling me to. I soon discovered that I get to use every single puzzle piece of knowledge that I have gathered over the last five years.

Because of following all my instincts and gathering these pieces of the puzzle I feel like everything has fallen into place perfectly for me during this period of my life.

But not only has my ongoing learning of health and fitness helped me during my career and career changes but it’s given me valuable lessons on taking care of myself and how to destress when times are more stressful or busy in life. I’ve been staying true to my own fitness goals and meditation during these crazy times because I know how important that is and if I will continue to preach these things I better be practicing them right?

I know things/careers/living situations will continue to change and I will continue to grow and learn and my puzzle probably isn’t even half built yet, but I’ve built a level of trust with myself that cannot be broken so I can continue to follow my heart and help and benefit so many people along the way.

So I’m starting to realize that it may be time to take my influencer hat off and go full into my new job. I want to learn all I can and embrace new education opportunities to rock this job as best as I can. I will continue to just ride my instinct waves, practice gratitude, and stay healthy and happy along the amazing journey of life.

I’m very lucky to have the education, knowledge, and opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow and if you have opportunity for growth, to learn something new, and expand your knowledge, take it and run with it. Listen to your instincts because trust me; their never wrong!