How to Wing a Slow Cooker Soup

This is for all you busy busy people out there! The ones who are lost for dinner ideas or feel like they lack time to cook. It’s not a solution but you can decide to make a slow cooker soup once a week. By having at least one meal idea planned per week it’ll take some pressure off. It will also feed more people and may even provide you with leftovers. It will also teach you how to cook and mix flavours which is ultimately how we learn just by practicing!

For me personally I don’t like to follow recipes. I love to get creative and have cooked long enough now to know how things are generally made. I know this isn’t the case for most people. A lot of people actually feel quite lost in the kitchen or even feel anxious about cooking dinner.

I’ve been trying to come up with a lot of slow cooker type meals because I know life is busy and slow cookers I’m sure were invented for this reason! They make dinner easy and really delicious as foods that are cooked long are more “marinated”.

Now, I can post a million and five different recipes for different slow cooker soups that I make but to be honest the majority of the time I make up this shit on the fly! I throw whatever I have from freezer, fridge, or pantry in there and season like a mad woman. Boom dinner is ready and hot when I get home from work!

The hardest part I believe is knowing what goes well together but this is just something that you learn over time and sometimes with a little bit of trial and error (sorry family). They’ll forgive you when you become the soup master! All we can hope for when beginning is something that is edible haha.

Here is the process step by step:

Step One: Chop your veg the night before!!! This is the most important step because it saves you a whole lotta time in the morning when everyone is moving at high speed (or slow speed whichever is you lol). Go through your fridge and see what you could potentially chop up. Look for veggies that may expire soon so you can use them up. Stems that you may just throw out anyway are great for soup as they soften up and go with most flavours of soup for example broccoli stems or celery leaves even. Don’t forget to look in your freezer for options (frozen corn, peas, green beans etc). Often I will have other chopped veggies up in the freezer as well because they were on the edge of spoiling. Chop up an onion if you have it because onion just goes with everything and also if you’re a garlic person, it’s a great flavour option as well. Chop up any fresh herbs you have in the fridge as well. Put your chopped veggies and herbs in a reusable container and store in the fridge. 

Step Two: Protein. Another great thing about slow cookers is that meat from the freezer can go straight in! If cooking for long enough throughout the day it will always thaw and cook with the rest of the soup. So check your fridge first for anything that may expire soon. Then check your meat from the freezer and pick. My go to is normally chicken breast but this week I tried italian turkey sausage and yum! You could try stewing beef but stay away from anything ground as normally it’s best to brown this before hand. IF your vegetarian or vegan get your best legumes out! You can mix and match with beans or chickpeas. If you decide you want lentils in there do NOT put them in to cook throughout the day as they will go mushy. (You can stir them in afterwards). I will usually always do some sort of meat AND a legume but this is totally a preference thing. 

Frozen Meat in the Bottom
  1. Step Three: Pantry items. Check your pantry for some extra things you can throw in there such as diced tomatoes, a can of tomato or mushroom soup (goes well with chicken), or other creative soup packages such as french onion or knorrs vegetable soup mix. Coconut milk is another great option to add some creaminess and flavour. And for this time of year pumpkin puree is also a creative idea! If you want to do noodles or rice in your soup do NOT put these in to cook all day either because they will go mushy. Pull out what you want to use and either prep that the night before too or cook it quick right when you get home to throw in.
All the ingredients ready to go in

  1. Step Four: Broth. Consider what you have picked from the pantry when deciding on broth. If throwing in a dry soup mix then you may only need to add water. If not you can essentially do any broth (chicken, beef, bone, or vegetable broths). Whichever you have on hand. Or if you have broth powder such as chicken in a mug then that mixed with water will work too. If using coconut milk you may not need any other liquid either. Another idea or kicker… Don’t do broth at all and make it a stew… #mindblown Just make sure to add a little bit of liquid in the bottom of the pot so it doesn’t burn.

Step Five: So now that you have gathered everything you might find it helpful to make a little list to remind yourself in the morning OR just put everything you can out on the counter (Including the slow cooker). So now everything is ready for the morning.

Step Six: The morning. So now you’ve dragged your butt out of bed you’ve made your coffee and breakfast is in the making. This is where you pull your freezer items out. If your doing meat put that on the bottom of the pot. Take your veggies and herbs out and toss er in. Take your pantry items open them up and toss er in. Take your broth and decide how thick you like your soup keep in mind it will really thin out as everything cooks and releases it’s water. Add your broth (I usually do about 2 cups or so). You can always add more later. Then you take your spice rack out and just get creative and go to town. Don’t overly salt as you can ALWAYS add more later. Stir everything, put the lid on, and set your slow cookers timer. Set higher if it will be less time cooking and lower the longer it will take.

See you in 10 hours!
Smells Delish
  1. Step Seven: Time to eat. So you get home from work now set all your stuff down, do what you have to do, then suddenly remember supper is ready yessss! Fish your meat out from the bottom of the slow cooker and either shred, dice or chop your meat and throw back in and stir. Do a taste test to check for flavour or saltiness and add things as needed. Some great additions can be fresh lemon, lentils, rice or noodles. This is where you would throw them in if pre made the night before or cook a quick pot of it now to toss in.
Meats all chopped time to throw it back in

Now dinner is ready to eat so you can carry on with the rest of your day! Comment below on any creative ideas you have had or that I have missed!



How to Overcome an Injury Mentally and Physically

Injuries… they happen to the best of us. Whether your involved in sports, your a runner, you lift heavy weights, crossfit, or you just do a whole lot of walking. Even at work injuries can happen, and they suck. I blogged my last injury and felt inspired to help navigate people through what to do when it happens to you.

It took me all day moping around, lying in the dark, wearing the same things I slept in and realizing my underwear was inside out to realize, I can be a big ole baby…

So I injured myself this morning. It was so stupid!!! My momentum has been phenomenal lately and this just put a halt to all my great healthy habits. I really do hate being down and out and sitting around all day.

The reason my injury was stupid? My knee slightly twisted the wrong way. That’s it… I don’t know if it’s worse or better that the same dang thing happened to me last month too. Now I have some experience with the issue but at the same time. From turning the wrong way? I’ve literally been squatting more than my body weight, and jumping, and lunging and I get injured from a little twist? That’s honestly the most frustrating part. But the good news is, it’s not horrible and not too painful it’s just there causing me to compensate when I walk and I know I have to rest it…

Not happy about it but I’m being smart and resting

A month ago rather than resting I continued my shift at work which in all fairness I had no choice. But I did have the choice to take a day off from the gym and I did have a choice to not walk my dogs but I did it anyway. It took me over a week and a half to heal this minor injury in which should have taken four days MAX. So this time around I’m listening to my own professional advice.

“Why you ain’t taking me for my walk mom?”

I’m taking this injury as a sign. The only way to get through this mentally is to bring some meaning to it. When an injury occurs often it’s a sign from our bodies that maybe we’re taking on too much? Maybe we need new shoes? Or maybe there are areas in our body that are weak and need to be worked on or strengthened.

The fact that this happened to me twice now in one month is a sure tell sign that I need to work on this area. I need to scale back my workouts, lighten things up and start doing a better warm up. Rather than focusing on strength my body is telling me I need to focus on the connective tissue around my muscle as well.

So when you’re down and out decide what your body is telling you. Now that you’re stuck resting this is also a great time to start doing some research on what you can do to prevent an injury like this from occurring again. Or write about it too. We underestimate the power of reading and writing and this is a great time to get back into it.

So use your injuries as insight and motivation. A chance to do some learning and to practice some gratitude for being able to do as much as you have before the injury. You will then get back at it AFTER recovering properly, bigger and better than ever.

Now let’s focus on recovery.

Here are a few KEY things that need to be done post injury:

  1. Rest! As frustrating as it may be it is so important to get off that injury right away so you minimize the damage done. If you injure an area in your upper body slap a sling on or make one out of a dish cloth, whatever you need to do to NOT use that injured area.
  2. Ice and pop an Advil or ibuprofen ASAP. This will eliminate or decrease the inflammation that’s often causing the initial pain. With less inflammation you will have less pain.
  3. Elevate the area getting your blood circulating. This will get all the little components that heal tissue to that injured area quicker so they can do their job in healing
  4. Get your protein in. If you follow me often you know a lot of my suggestions or nutritional advice is aimed around sufficient protein intake. Protein broken down are little building blocks to your tissues which is also means it aids in tissue repair. So eating enough protein will help again your little tissue healers to that injured area chipping away at recovering that area quicker.
  5. Stay hydrated. Water intake is always just a must do. Hydrating all the functions in your body just helps everything work more sufficiently.
  6. Compress area if weight bearing is a necessity. I know for me I got to go to work tonight regardless so I will have to do some walking on the area. Compression such as a tensor or a brace will just give my knee some support while it’s recouping. Kinesiology tape is also an option, I like it more further in the recovery process. You don’t need to take a fancy course (although you can) to learn how to do this because well we have youtube now. Make sure to find a video with a certified physiotherapist or professional for correct information.
  7. Once 24 hours has rolled around start applying some heat. If the ice is more soothing you can alternate ice and heat. For heat you can use a heating pad if you have it or just a hot wash cloth will do (be careful not to burn yourself too!).
  8. Keep yourself distracted and stay positive. The more negative thoughts you have about your injury the longer it’s going to take to heal because that’s just how energy works. So think healing thoughts and take it as a sign that your body needs to rest. Your body will thank you for slowing down and do its job and you’ll be back to yourself in no time!

  • *If you are in SEVERE pain and cannot weight bear or mobilize the injured area seek medical attention right away. This may mean a tear or break might have occurred. If you can still weight bear or move the area and the pain does not subside in 24 hours then I would still suggest getting it checked out.*
Moist heat

Once the injury seems to get better again take it easy when getting back into physical activity. This is a great time to utilize kinesiology tape for some extra support to that area. It is also a great idea to see a physio or athletic therapist for an assessment and suggestions on what you can work on to prevent this from happening in the future!

And most importantly don’t give up on your health. Stay resilient and consistent!


*If you live in the Winnipeg area I highly recommend Anthony Morrison at Integrated Therapies for post injury assessments. He works out of two locations 333 Henderson Hwy or 55 Waterford greens locations.*


Instant Pot Pad Thai

Perfect for cozy nights in

So I tried pad thai for the first time this year! Wow it was so delicious. The sauce was nothing like anything I’ve ever tasted before so different. Due to my peanut allergy I have never risked trying pad thai at any restaurant or take out place. Which is probably smart on my end because the sauce calls for actual peanut butter haha

So I decided I wanted to try this dish which always looked and smelled so amazing. I remembered what a fantastic cook I have become and decided to make it myself! Better yet I found a way to cook it in the instant pot so that means only one dish to clean. Even better!

Pad thai is actually a very healthy dish depending on how you make your sauce. It is loaded with super healthy vegetables, tons of vitamin C, and tons of vitamin A. I use brown rice pasta because it’s always my go to but you could essentially use any type of noodle you like.

The only downside to this dish is the chopping… But with any meal I decide to make that has a ton of chopping of vegetables, I like to pre chop them while I have some extra time so that when I go to cook I can just throw everything in and just cook! If your super proactive you could even chop and freeze all the veggies and just throw them in from the freezer when you are ready.

You could make this dish vegetarian/vegan as well if you omit the chicken.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is R7q1CH-0nvneCB8I-AcwtcVpQoxmi28N-mOnbSs6umoq15fSwe09NeOTHBYnFqotIb-HIHlIp7HRIb9JVvdzHtWE1E6zrf9iqBc42l3MFUWGvrgSEwkAY8z0hVQJGJFBJvECP9Mk

Serves 4

Calories per serving 400

Fat 10g

Carbs 52g

Protein 33g


4 ounces of brown rice pasta (or pasta/noodle of choice)

11-12 ounces of cooked chicken breast 

4 cups chopped cabbage

1-2 carrots julienned (chopped thin length way)

1 red or orange bell pepper julienned

3 green onion chopped

2 cups snow or snap peas


¼ cup peanut butter (or wowbutter if allergy)

¼ cup maple syrup

5 tbsp soya sauce

1-2 tbsp sriracha

1-2 cloves garlic minced

1 tsp ginger

2 tsp fresh lime

In the instant pot throw your noodles in with 4 cups of water. Set at manual 2 and let it non pressure release (for 10 minutes). If you don’t have instant pot just cook noodles on stove top until tender. Drain and rinse noodles well and set aside.

Mix all ingredients of your sauce while noodles are cooking. If your chicken isn’t cooked now would also be a good time to brown and cook up your chicken in a pan on the stove top or baked on high heat.

Once noodles done set instant pot to saute. Throw all your chopped vegetables in the instant pot with the sauce mixing well and saute vegetables in sauce until tender. Again if no instant pot just do in a big wok or sauce pan on stove. Once vegetables are tender throw noodles and chicken into the pot and stir well until everything combined and warmed through.


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Hard truths

What Does it Take to Prep?

My week long journey to prepping and dehydrating my body for my personal photoshoot.

I made a conscious decision to prep my body prior to my photoshoot for frecklefit. I made this decision as I find my body fluctuates a lot day to day. So does everybody else’s it is just the science of human physiology. I wanted to see if I could manipulate my body to be as lean as possible with little water retention. The process is quite scientific and is very specific.

What I already knew prior to doing research on prep is: that sodium causes the body to retain water. I also knew high fibre foods may cause you to bloat. Both are equally important to consume on a day to day basis but are not ideal for looking extra lean or getting your muscles to pop out. What I learned a few years ago as well that I was surprised about is water actually flushes the body and does NOT cause you to bloat. I also knew from past experience carb cycling that I always looked really skinny on low carb days.

With this information I had an idea of what I had to do in order to look super lean and muscley but I didn’t know the details. I found an article from Jim Stoppani who has a phD in exercise physiology, on how to prep and decided to go with his professional advice which aligned with the information I already had. So I will go through this process with you all.

Before getting into it I will admit it was difficult and I got super fatigued. What I learned from the week process is to ALWAYS look like a bodybuilder would not be ideal or even healthy for that matter. Our bodies fluctuate for a reason and our bodies are not meant to look like something from a magazine all the time. Therefore this is definitely not a way to live your life. But if you’re ever competing or want to emphasis your physique for photos or a special event for that matter this is just one of the natural ways to do it and full disclosure… it won’t be easy. 

Before picture: one week out from my photoshoot

Two weeks prior to the shoot the process had me increase my sodium intake for one week. So adding extra salt to dishes and eating high sodium foods. I really embraced this and enjoyed it while it lasted because I knew what was coming. I exercised like I normally do which is splitting leg workouts and arm workouts from day to day with light and short cardio about every second day.

One week before the shoot was the real grunt work. First of all I took the whole process and wrote down day by day what I would be eating, how much sodium I could have, and how much water I needed to consume. Day seven to day three out from the shoot I had to go low carb. Then day two to the last day prior to the shoot I had to carb load. I also had to drink 1 ½ to 2 gallons of water per day from day seven out to day three out. I also had to start doing full body workouts with some cardio added in. This was all a lot to take in so I wrote everything out day by day and planned a lot before hand.

My meal plan for the week

DAY 7 OUT: First day of prep I had to start cutting sodium so I had to be under 2000mg of sodium plus low carb. I was allowed a quick releasing carb after the gym with a protein shake for day seven, six, and five days out. I found the under 2000mg of sodium very doable. I also found low carb easy peezy as I’ve done this before and know that I always felt so full all the time eating low carb. The water was no problem because I realized on a normal day to day basis I probably get about two gallons in anyway with all the coffee and tea that I drink on top of just water. 

How I tracked my sodium

DAY 6 OUT: Day six out from prep was essentially the same as day seven out except I had to cut the sodium to under 1000mg. This was also very doable and had no problems with day six out.

DAY 5 OUT: Sodium now has to be under 600mg. This is the same for day four, three, and two days out. It started to get tricky finding things I could eat that were low carb and low sodium. I could still have my banana post gym on this day so it was my saving grace for the day. I had to eat a lot of dry meat and veggies without the dressing type meals. I never realized how much flavour salt brings… I substituted salt with Mrs.dash seasoning, lemon, olive oil, and vinegars. My energy was okay and had no severe cravings.

DAY 4 OUT: Were now under 600mg of sodium and 100% low carb. No banana, such a sad day haha. It’s crazy how much not having that banana made me feel! I was so tired this day. I was so sore from the full body workouts. I felt very fatigued. But I pushed through it and made it to the gym did my workout and my cardio! I did discover a couple great ways to get sweet flavour with some new recipes. One being plain greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and stevia. Another one being a coconut milk chia seed pudding which included – hemp protein, chia seed, coconut milk, vanilla extract and stevia. The low carb was no problem but it was the sodium that I missed so badly!

Easy low carb sweet treat

DAY 3 OUT: This was the same as day four and I knew these days were going to be the hardest. It was again a very long day as I felt quite fatigued. Running on extremely low carbs I managed to make it for my last workout and cardio session. I felt very proud afterwards of pushing through being so tired and doing night shifts to boot. I just thought about all the great carbs I’m going to be eating in the next few days. The carb cravings were definitely kicking in. I did a little more research and prep for my carb loading days and felt ready and confident in the process. I will note an update with my body at this point. I felt very skinny which if you know me, I do not like haha. My muscles felt very flat and I’ve noticed significant changes with ridding my body of sodium. My biggest worry moving forward from this day was that the carbs were going to cause me to bloat up. But according to the process the carbs should fill my muscles with water and pump them up.

Top Photos before low carb. Bottom photos low carb for four days with low sodium

DAY 2 OUT: Let the carb loading begin and the soul sucking dehydration process start! I thoroughly enjoyed my dry mini wheats with dry protein powder on top in the morning. But shortly as the day went on I missed water… So much! The thirst was real. I missed water more than I missed the carbs and maybe it was more in my head. I was allowed 48 ounces which is more than most people drink in a day but this includes all coffee, tea, zevias, that I normally drink. Also includes water in foods! So everything was so dry and sodium free. I was very careful all day trying my best to spread the water out throughout the day. Tomorrow was only half the amount of today so I was anticipating quite a tough day for my last prep day. But I came this far so I wasn’t quitting now! On another note I didn’t bloat like I thought I would. I did feel as though my muscles were filling out a bit but not drastically.

DAY BEFORE THE SHOOT: It was definitely the toughest day! I wavered back and forth between what the hell am I doing? and this photoshoot is going to rock! Bad Celine got on the internet and was looking again at this process and maybe I’m not going about it the right way. I started reading articles that were saying DON’T cut sodium and water and do this method instead. But in my head I had come this far all week, I have one more night, don’t stop. I kept carb loading to make sure I could get my muscles as full as possible. It was hard without fluids. I started to get some muscle cramping in different muscles in my legs and even a moment of panic shot through me. But I kept my cool. Because I was so lethargic from the lack of water I went to bed early and slept in getting almost 12 hours of sleep. Still no bloat but my muscles weren’t filling anymore.

One week before shoot
Morning of the shoot

DAY OF THE SHOOT: My photos weren’t until four o clock so I had another long day ahead. I had a big carb filled breakfast with a sufficient amount of protein. I got the dogs out for a walk just barely because I was still lethargic! I then mustered up the energy to pump. I started lifting with a barbell I had at home to pump up my muscles for the shoot. I pumped off and on all morning and finished a second carb filled meal about an hour before the shoot. Throughout the day I found myself getting nervous! I usually consider myself an awkward person so I was nervous I wouldn’t get the poses that I wanted or would look awkward in the pictures. I felt like my muscles didn’t fill quite the way I imagined. I do note some differences within the week in the pictures above though.

My photographer was great! It took me a little while to loosen up but we worked together and she definitely made me feel less awkward haha.


I know I shouldn’t say never because the quote “never say never” but at this moment in time I would not want to ever compete or body build… I only prepped for a week and couldn’t imagine doing it for longer. The things professional body builders put themselves through is incredible. Along with manipulating there macronutrients they also cut calories as well. I can’t imagine the mental toughness needed for that process. It really takes a lot of mental strength and discipline. I do have both of those things but I don’t think I would want it bad enough. To put yourself and your body through the things you need to to compete you would have to want it REALLY bad and I just don’t. Not at this time anyways.

What I enjoy the most is staying consistent with my healthy habits. Because I’m consistent I have a healthy physique and a great mindset. To compete you would have to almost teeter to the opposite end of the spectrum of health. Not drinking water for over two days with the low sodium felt really unhealthy to me. I felt so tired and weak. I know this is only for two days but looking into more of the research there may be ways to prep where you don’t have to cut the water and sodium to that degree. You also would have to have a slight obsession with how your appearance is going to look. This can be quite mentally taxing. There’s nothing wrong with having great willpower and disipline but the real challenge is in keeping a healthy mindset while in the process. 

Overall I know the changes are very minimal for me from one week of prepping. I do notice small differences but not to the degree I had imagined there would be. I’m happy I tried this out and feel such gratitude for the amount of fluids I drink on a normal basis as I know that’s partially what contributes to my energy!

From this process I have a new appreciation for finding balance in life. Working hard is important but enjoying little things out of life (like water lol) is important too. I also have a new appreciation for focusing on how I feel rather than how I look. I wanted to look the best I could for these pictures but at the same time I would not be willing to put myself through that degree of fatigue and dehydration again. If I were to prep for something else in the future I would try a new professional strategy where I wouldn’t have to cut the sodium and water because there are other science based strategies out there.

I had always wanted to look like those girls from the fitness magazines but am definitely realizing now they probably feel like absolute shit during those photoshoots and it is not natural or sane even to look that amazing all the time. Focusing on how we feel about ourselves and our body and having a positive outlook on health is so much more important! Remember it’s not just about body. It’s mind, body, and soul.

Hope you enjoyed the follow along!



Green Bean and Protein Casserole

I think everyones had some form of green bean casserole before. Christmas or thanksgiving dinners. Or an easy weeknight dinner where mom would throw a can of mushroom soup in the mix with a little bread crumbs. Yum!

What I really enjoy when experimenting is making healthy spins on those classic recipes. I know every once in a while you have to enjoy the real thang but this spin truly is delicious. It’s very flavourful with the use of natural flavouring such as onion and garlic.

By using ground turkey it’s loaded up with protein and can be used as a one dish meal for the whole family. It can be low carb just as is or with a side of rice as well! If your family are cheese lovers you can of course add additional cheeses to cheese it right up. This is only the healthiest version but feel free to spice it up the way you like it.

It’s also very simple to make which is just a bonus!

Serves 2

Calories per serving 350

Fat 22.3g

Carbs 13g

Protein 35g

1 package of ground turkey

1 cups or 2 handfuls of long green beans

1 small onion

2-3 cloves garlic

2 tsp EVOO

½ cup parmesan cheese

1 tbsp rice vinegar 

1 tsp Salt

2 tsp Garlic powder

1 tbsp crushed Rosemary 

1 tsp parsley

1 tsp chilli powder

Cracked black pepper to taste

Blanche green beans in a pot of hot water heavily salted. Meanwhile brown ground turkey in olive oil. Cut onion finely length wise. Chop garlic. Once turkey browned add seasonings and onion. Turn pan on high. Drain green beans and through into pan. Once thick bits accumulate on pan deglaze with rice vinegar. Add garlic and mix well. Melt in cheese at the end and add pepper. Serve when cheese melty.



Hard truths

Ego Tear

Does anyone else ever feel guilty about not giving into social norms or pressures? Or am I the only one over here going crazy?

I feel like everyone has expectations of me. My friends, my family, my boyfriend, my job, society…. But they all got different expectations. So who do I please?  My whole damn life I’ve been a people pleaser and I got pretty good at! But at what cost?

Looking back to my past I see the hefty cost that I paid. It really only costed me in the end. I’d party like a rockstar to please my friends then lie to my parents saying I drank responsibly. I’d stay quiet and let little comments at work slide by then bring that shit home and bitch to my boyfriend about it. So I’d either lie or put my shit on other people. To me my dignity and my self worth paid a price. But I’ve slowly been repaying the debt.

Lately I’ve just become more honest with myself. Who am I really and what do I fucking want? How do I want the world to see me? How do I want to show up? How do I be 100% me and come about it honestly? In the end I’m the one that matters the most to me and not the me that lies, bitches, or complains.

Self talk is a great place to start or even realizing this has become “a thing” I think is a great place to start and also to start building change. I feel like I had to tear down my own ego in order to build it back up. 

I’m at a great place now where I recognize my complex. I recognize the whole world doesn’t revolve around me. I recognize that I don’t need to make anyone happy because that’s on them. I need to show up as my best me and represent myself in a way that I can give others permission to do the same. 

Now that I’ve found this place I just sooooo badly want others to find it but I got to take a step back and let others find their own light like I found mine. And I’d be pretty fricken naive to think I’ve fully found myself because you never do. But you should learn, grow, and gain every day. Little baby steps day by day. Find the inspirations and look towards the things that make your heart feel full.

Everyone’s got a light to shine. You DO you. No one else can be a better version.



Hard truths

My BIG Secret to Reilence in the Morning

So I had a really shitty sleep the other night. 

I had been off my steroid puffer for my asthma for about two weeks and this night was the first night I woke up with difficulty breathing. I woke up feeling wide awake and slightly restless. I wasn’t wheezing at all but felt I needed to cough or take deep chesty breathes. I tried to remind myself to do my abdominal breathing and attempted to meditate but just could not focus. I lightly slept slashed tossed and turned until my alarm went off two hours later.

Naturally I felt shitty. So my first shitty instinct was to sit and have a coffee and a bite to eat. I then tried to mediate like I usually do in the morning but nope just could not focus or get into a good space. Then I realized I have to be missing something here… 

I’m generally a morning person so having a morning like this was unusual for me and I wanted desperately to get into a good vibration to set myself up for a great day. As tired as I felt I reminded myself of all the tricks I have for getting into a better mood and then four little eyes watching me (my sweet doggies) reminded me of one of those tricks.

“Movement is medicine”.

Most people think going to the gym will tire them out, or going for that extra walk is just “too much right now” but movement is truly medicine. Medicine for your mind and soul. So I ate to fuel up, finished my coffee, and dragged my ass to the gym.

I put that music on that you know, usually lights a fire under my ass and became bigger than my excuses, bigger than my shitty nights sleep, bigger than my asthma and banged out a workout. Surprisingly, it ended up being a great workout because I overcame my shit. 

It doesn’t have to be a big long exhausting workout either. The mornings I take my puppers out for a little stroll end up being the best days. 

I find just getting your blood moving through your body helps circulate it through your brain as well creating a good energy for the day to begin. And becoming or overcoming your excuses will always nudge you in the direction of growth and self empowerment. 

Life is about one day at a time. You have to think how can I make this the best day? You have to generate motivation somehow. Blood flow can do this. Blood flow to the brain can help you think more clearly.

 So get up and get moving. Your brain and soul will thank you!


Life Hacks

The Human Body an Adaptation Machine

The human body is incredible at remembering, adapting, and listening. It’s how humans evolved and persevered through the world around us changing. The problem with having this adaptable complex machine as our body, is it can hinder our progress in the gym. When we workout the same way all the time our muscles adapt to these movements, we get stronger, and our muscle memory kicks in. This means the movements we’ve always done get easier and we start to plateau. On the extreme end we can even go backwards even though we’re still working out. This is caused by not complimenting our workouts with proper nutrition.

The same concept goes with our nutrition. If we eat the same things all the time were consistently only getting the same vitamins and minerals and could potentially be nutrient deficient in certain areas. 

It’s hard when we get into a good routine that works well and that we enjoy knowing we eventually have to switch things up. But there are always ways to tweak, adapt, and progress while still enjoying our program.

Not only can us humans adapt but we’re also ridiculously smart as well and always find a way around problems that may hinder us from growing and moving forward. 

The best way to change things up is obviously to seek out a professional such as a personal trainer. But if this isn’t an option for you then find new workouts do your research on new ideas and new movements. There’s tons out there on the internet or youtube. 

Strive to change up your workouts every 5-6 weeks. Mix up your nutrients or meals every week and add lots of variety to your food. Experiment with new vegetables and don’t always buy the same fruits. Try different protein sources including plant based protein. There are also tons of great different and unique grains out there. 

Be in charge of the adaptable machine that your body is and you will continue to make progress!


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Cumin Cilantro Fajita Stir Fry

Holy man I can’t even with this recipe right now… Probably one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. And I created it, no big deal! Mind you I fell in love with this dressing years ago, just found a fantastic way to incorporate it into a dish.

I am a huge lover of chicken fajitas. If I were going to die tomorrow and got to choose my last meal it would be chicken fajitas. Well now it would be this recipe! And of course it’s pretty dang healthy dish as well. 

This meal will make or break for you depending if you like cilantro or not. The cumin cilantro dressing I make is to die for. So it really compliments the dish well!

You could do the classic wrap for this or I also made a batch of coconut rice to eat it with which also goes very very well with the dish.

I’m just so excited for you all to try this and love it!


Serves 2 

Cals per serving 458

Carbs 27.5g

Fat 18.5g

Protein 42g

*Macros if adding on coconut rice:

Cals per serving (½ cup) 216

Carbs 35g

Fat 6.6g

Protein 3g

Stir Fry:

12 oz Chicken Breast

4 small (or 2 large)  bell peppers

1 sweet onion

1 tsp cumin

1 tbsp garlic powder

½ tsp chilli powder

Salt to taste

Worcestershire to deglaze pan 

Cumin Cilantro Dressing:

1 loosely packed cup cilantro

½ cup greek yogurt

2 tbsp lime juice

1 clove of garlic

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp sherry vinegar (or white wine vinegar)

¼ tsp salt 

Pepper to taste

Coconut Rice:

1 cup jasmine rice

1 cup light coconut milk

1 tbsp parsley

½  tsp salt 

Blend all dressing ingredients in a food processor or blender and chill in fridge in a jar.

Put rice and coconut milk in instant pot and set at multigrain on less. Or if you don’t have an instant pot cook rice the ole natural way in a pot on the stove.

Slice chicken breast into small strips and throw into a stir fry pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Brown chicken. While chicken is browning slice up bell peppers and onion. Set chicken aside once browned and throw in peppers and onion. Cook on high heat stirring often. When brown bits accumulate deglaze pan and continue to stir. Once caramelized throw chicken back in and season with cumin, garlic powder, chilli powder, and salt. 

For one serving toss half the stir fry in with 2 tbsp of dressing.

Serve on ½ cup of coconut rice if desired.




Crockpot Chicken Broccoli Slaw Noodle Soup

So it was just one of those days where I was on a stretch of day shifts. I was damn tired. I did not feel like going to get groceries. And I had no food in my fridge. But luckily cause I’m highly organized like that I had stuff in my freezer! Hooray. 

This is the easiest recipe has only 5 ingredients besides the spices from your spice rack. It is so healthy. It’s got a great macronutrient balance and is packed with micronutrients as well. 

We don’t always have to resort to take out or eating quick crappy things that make you feel shitty. If anything with working day shifts or shift work we need to be diligent with our nutrition so we can muster up the energy to move forward with enthusiasm. 

This recipe would also be great for a big family as it takes such little time to make! You can serve it with a simple sandwich or toast. Or a warm toasty piece of whole wheat naan bread. Now we’re talking!! Hope you enjoy my creativity on this one.

Serves 4 big bowls or 6 medium sized bowls

Calories per serving of big bowl 330

Fat 3.6g

Carb 44.7g

Protein 28.1g


2 frozen Chicken breasts

1 package of frozen broccoli slaw 

1 cup frozen green peas

3-4 cups low sodium chicken broth

1 cup or 8 oz. brown rice pasta

All the herbs and spices!! What I used: oregano, dill, chives, thyme, rosemary, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.

In the morning pull your freezer open and grab chicken, broccoli slaw, and peas. Put into crock pot with chicken broth. Doust with all your seasonings. Set on normal or low heat depending on your crock pot and slow cook for 10-12 hours.

When returning home from your exhausting day boil pasta in salted water. Take chicken breasts out of soup and shred with two forks and throw back into soup. Stir and taste to see if any seasonings need to be adjusted. Once pasta is cooked drain and throw into soup and stir. Serve!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!